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You know when people get up on stage You're like hey Mom and Dad I just want To say thanks so much for always Believing me I was like I won't say that Because you never did I was like the Only time you accepted me I was like is Once every other person on this planet Had accepted it too he is the host of The game with Alex ramosi on all these Different platforms I've been absolutely Taking the internet incredible books I Gotta say man I really enjoyed the story Of yours generated over a hundred Million dollars by the time he was 30. My dad and I were like best friends Until I was like 13. Inseparable I just Wanted to be him You start to want your own identity and Then we were very competitive I studied really hard went to school Graduated in three years did all the Things that I thought he would want me To got a job and I was very very sad at That point in my life I always hoped I Wouldn't wake up the next day I was 22. I had done everything that my dad had Wanted me to do at this point I was Looking out from the condo that I had Been able to buy with this job that I Had and I was like is this it In the whole time I just really didn't Enjoy my life Um and it was just you know

Not wanting to wake up It was all about beating my dad earlier On and it was always like a moving Target which is you know you have to be In shape you have to you top your class You have to play all the Varsity Sports All those things at the same time and Still if I got something wrong on a test It was like would you get wrong I wanted To win the game that had been set up for Me you know first it was make a hundred Thousand a year and then it was make the Same amount as my dad and it was make More than my dad then it was make more Than my dad had ever made his entire Life and then once that happened I Looked around and I was like I think I've been playing his game and not my Game [Music] I knew that my dad he was so happy that I was doing everything he wanted me to Do at that point and I had told him over And over again that I wanted to do this Other stuff and he's like yeah Yeah later you know it later [Music] For me it was actually Confronting the fact that I didn't want To be alive anymore which was the thing That gave me enough courage or whatever You want to call it to actually make the Decision to leave home and so I started Driving across the country I called him

When I was like halfway across the United States and I was like I'm going to California I'm gonna open a Gym I'm gonna get into fitness and then We didn't really talk much for a long Time It wasn't enough and I knew that and so I knew that the choice for me was that I Either had to die to him or I had to die To myself and that was ultimately like The choice that that I put in front of Myself and that was whenever I was like Maybe I should just get I was like die To him or die to you The decision to Leave Baltimore which is where I was From To quit that path to decide to start a Business of my own was still to this day The hardest thing I've ever done by far All the things we've been through to Build what we have The hardest decision was taking a leap When you were growing up like as a kid Were you ambitious around like making Money and stuff no but what I did want To do is make my dad I think that most people who are like in The beginning of the game you don't have A passion yet but everybody has Shitloads of pain like a lot of people Can't find passions like can you find Pain they're like yup I got lots of that I got anger I got changed pain whatever

It is I'm like cool well the first rule Of Entrepreneurship is use what you got For me I think it was like away from Fear I knew like in my bones that I Would rather die than go back home Because people say it's Society it's Other people it's like it's usually one Or two voices okay who's the person in Your mind who's the voice it's like blah Blah six questions deep it's my uncle Okay will Your belief that you're going to be Viewed as a failure by your uncle be the Sole reason that you live the rest of Your life below your potential and Regret everything that you don't do Because of Uncle Harry I think it was like I'll be seven years After I left for the gym uh you know to Start the gyms it's like when Jim Miller Started really crushing it and he called Me to you know give a momentous apology Never apologized to me in my life and I Remember we were out to dinner And he called me and I was like this is Weird like he doesn't really call me That much so I took him I was like hello He's like you're going to want to sit Down and I was like okay And he said I'm sorry [Music] You approve of me now and I was like but I stopped caring about what you thought

Five years ago So your real doesn't mean anything to me And to be fair it was true because it Was it was me having to like die to that Vision of what he had for me that was The thing that allowed me to do this Thing [Music] Love is defined as what you are willing To give up to maintain something as I Define it I think the question for the Person would be are you willing to Sacrifice your dreams are you willing to Sacrifice a certain amount of influence That your family has over them I knew That he just wanted me to be a doctor That's what he was that would have been His dream I felt like I had to let my Dad's dream die from mine to live Find out today that your dad had a day Left to live are there any words that Are unsaid in your mind Love you you give me the life that I Have I wouldn't be here without you your Fortitude of going to a country that you Didn't speak the language of you being Able to get through that is what enabled Me to have the life that I have so like I will always be indebted to you [Music]

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