Never Ask How You Can Provide Value

Here's why you should never ask hey how Can I provide you value as a way to Connect with somebody I get DMS all the Time people are like hey man I just want To find you value hey what can I do for You you're asking me to now do the work On your behalf to figure out how to Provide value to me I don't know Anything about your skill set I have no Background on you and you if you're Coming to me have all the context in the World to understand the things that I Have going on in my life and so if you Actually want to provide value do the Work to provide value and make your best Bad guess even if they're left of center If you show how much work you did on Behalf of someone else without them Asking they're way more likely to Respond to your DM maybe hop on a call Take a lunch meeting whatever then the Guys who ask hey what value can I Provide for you which is right now Nothing you've actually taken value for Me because you took my time and you Didn't give me anything

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