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Hi everybody it’s Drew here with ClickFunnels education and I hope you’re Having a great day today We’re going to go over account setup so That we can get you set up for success With your account After you complete this lesson you’ll be Able to answer the following questions How can I entirely set up my workspace Details including and where can I change The general settings in my account Where do I add and edit my marketing Contact address and where do I add and Edit my system and marketing email Addresses Start off with we’re going to go to our Settings Selected from the left hand side menu The V settings tab This brings us to the workspace details That we can edit in order to make sure That we’re set up for Success now I’m Going to leave some of these settings The same but you could change any of These settings that I indicate Start off with the workspace name we’re Going to leave this as clicks Clickfunnels Academy but you can choose Any name that you would like for this Workspace it’s useful to have this be a Descriptive name so that you’ll remember What it refers to similarly your

Workspace logo icon The workspace and site subdomain your Subdomain will have to be unique as it Will go before on all Pages in your account that do not have a Custom domain set up for them For currency Defaults to US Dollars currently can be Set also for Canadian dollars or euros In the future more currencies may be Added Optionally you can set up an order Number format which is a customization Including an order number prefix an Order number suffix these will go before And after order numbers in your account And this can help you to sort out uh Clear and easy to read Order numbers for your you and your Customers finally you can select edit Team settings to change the settings for Your team in your workspace When you’re done I’m satisfied with your changes don’t Forget to click update workspaces we’ll Just take a quick look at the team Settings since we are here And as you can see you can choose the Team name the team logo and other Settings for the team uh as it will be Introduced in future time I’m going to Select back you’ll notice that we’re Back on the CF Academy’s teams dashboard Where I can also help to interact with

Different team members in the account But for now I’m going to go back To our settings I can also set up my system email Preferences These are emails that will be sent to me Or to my Affiliates automatically Depending on automated triggers set up In the account For instance when an affiliate refers a Sale to your business You will receive this automated email You can click this pencil icon next to The name of the email that you want to Set up in order to edit it to customize It for your personal preferences You can also set up emails For course for course notifications You can set up emails for opt-ins And you can set up emails for order Order notifications including Confirmation and granted asset Notification We can also go to marketing In marketing we can set up the emails That we will use in order to Make a contact with external groups such As our audience or Contributors in our contributors to our Workspace by going to marketing settings And going to email addresses I can set Up an email by clicking add email Address If I want this email to work as a

Sending address it needs to be a Non-free email account That does not come from a source such as Gmail Yahoo Etc Instead you will want to use one that Uses your custom domain as the sending Name The nickname can be anything and this Will not be seen by the recipient But both the email address and name will Be visible to recipient the name would Be the name the sending name of the Email Such as your business name or your name If you are sending a more personal uh Notification email Once you have an email set up you can go To general settings Under the system email addresses The from addresses do still needs to be From a business type email account but The reply to address can be from any Kind of email account including a free One such as Gmail or Yahoo The reply to address is where someone Responding to your email account will be Able to send that notification back If you do not set up these email Addresses that you the your emails will Be sent from and will not be able to be Replied to at the no reply at Marketing email addresses work much the Same instead of system emails which we

Send out set up earlier these marketing Email addresses Will be used for marketing purposes such As broadcasts and sequences Now that we’ve set up your basic Settings for your clickfunnels account You should be able to adjust your Workspace settings adjust your emails Adjust your email sending addresses and Adjust the email addresses that are set Up with your account If you have any questions or concerns You can reach out to clickfunnelsupport Or you can search in The Help bar for More information from our help documents I hope you found this helpful and I look Forward to seeing you in our next lesson.

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