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This is Matthew with the ClickFunnels Education team hope everyone’s having a Great day in this video I’m going to Show you all of the amazing features you Can access from the site and funnels Overview So to get started you’ll need to click On site and funnels from the left menu Here It’ll take you right into the site Overview If you’re in any of the other menus here Beforehand you can go ahead and click on Overview To be taken to this site overview page All right and so the first thing you’ll See here at the top is your URL for your Site this is using the domain that You’ve set in your site settings which Will go over shortly And you’ll want to use this to share Your site On social media or to link back to your Site from any other location All right so the next thing you’ll see Down here is a preview of your site home Page this is a desktop preview and a Mobile preview You also have the option to open up a Preview right here by clicking on the Preview button this will take you Straight to your site home page in your

Web browser so you can see your site Home page and test out the functionality Directly from there The next option is the customize button Which will open up the click funnels Page editor for your site we’ll go over Some of those options here shortly There’s also a three dot menu right next To that which has some additional Options such as accessing the site Settings from here You can also edit the style guide from Here There’s also theme settings you can Customize just the theme and you can Also duplicate the active theme directly From here Now directly beneath this you’ll see There’s a draft themes section if you Click on the Arrow you can expand this Section This will show all of the currently Installed themes These are themes that you have installed Into your clickfunnels account You can click on explore new themes Right here in order to install new Themes from the theme Marketplace By clicking on one of the themes and Clicking on the install theme button You have the option to preview themes Specific themes here Using the preview buttons you can also Customize the specific Theme by clicking

On the customize button next to that Theme There’s also a three dot menu here next To the customize button for each theme This will allow you to set the active Theme By selecting publish that promotes that Theme to your active theme so it will Replace your currently active theme for Your site with the one that you’ve Selected You can also access the theme settings Here And you can duplicate your theme that Specifically directly from here as well There’s also a button here at the very Bottom of the draft themes menu that Lets you view all of your themes this Will just load your themes section of Your account settings which is covered In more detail in another video At the very bottom of this page you’ll See that there’s a small checklist for Finish setting up your site This has the option to upload a logo and Customize your site clicking on these Buttons will simply load the appropriate Area for you to perform those Recommended actions I’m going to go over some of those here So you’ll notice this analytics on the Right hand as well this is just a quick Overview of your site’s performance it Has the total sales and the total leads

For the site And finally the gear icon here in the Top right corner will also open up your Site settings All right quickly let’s jump into the Site settings here we’re going to use The gear icon to open that All right and this site settings has a Few sections the first one is the site Information Here you can set your site title You can choose which domain you are Associating with this site You can also change your site icon and Your logo for some custom branding there You can select which language your site Is using here this just will Promote this as the as the language You’re using it doesn’t affect your Editor or your account uh Your account settings how your page is Displayed here it just notifies the web Browser of what language you’re creating Your content in Over here you have the time zone which You can select this sets the time zone For your workspace Next you have the site availability Setting this to public means anyone can View your site your site home page and Your other site pages Setting it to private means that only Contributors will see the site The next section has your tracking codes

You can add tracking codes to either the Header or the footer Depending on where it’s needed One example is with Google analytics you Can add that here Adding the tracking codes here in the Site settings will apply these tracking Codes to every single page of your site So this is a site-wide header code and Site-wide voter code All right in the next section is Advanced settings And in this section lets you control a Lot of the themes and style settings for Your site so here under style you can Change the style that’s currently used For your site All right so if you have other styles You can select which ones being used You can also select a template page here And beneath that you have a Blog theme And store theme this lets you override The theme for just your blog pages and For your store pages So you can select a different theme Which is different than the one you Currently have set for your site And you can set that specifically for Your blog or you could set one Specifically for your store Underneath that you have the home page And this overrides the themes home page So you can set a specific page if you Have a specific site page or some other

Page that you created a standalone page Then you can choose that as your home Page instead of using the themes home Page So that’s going to override the theme’s Home page here And finally at the very bottom of your Site settings you have SEO and sharing This lets you change the default page Title default page description and the Default sharing image which is displayed When you share this site URL the link That we mentioned at the beginning if You paste that on social media or any Search engines that are indexing your Site pages will pull this information in By default and this these settings can Be changed and overridden on a per page Basis this sets the default for Site-wide your site-wide settings All right and so once you have Configured all the settings here in your Site settings Make sure you click on the update site Button in order for those settings to be Saved otherwise they will not be saved If you wish to just ignore all of your Say your changes that you made to your Settings here so far you want to just Set them back to what they were before You modified them just click discard and It will take you back to the overview Page without any of those settings Applied

All right and the last thing I’m going To show you here is going to be just Some of the pages you have in the Customize section we’re just going to Touch on a few of these very briefly If you click the customize button it Opens up the click funnels page editor For your site All right and over here you have the Site theme pages Section all right and so these pages are Associated with your currently active Theme Now the home page is going to be the Default page that’s displayed When someone visits your site You can customize that here Next you have your storefront You also have to blog home And customer center and course home Template Pages these are all associated With your theme Each of these is going to be covered in Another another video but there are a Couple down here that are relevant to Your entire site that’s going to be the Page not found This page is like the 404 page it’s Going to be shown whenever someone tries To visit a part of your site that is not There doesn’t exist this is going to be Displayed to them so you can create a Little message telling them that they’ve Reached a part of the site that doesn’t

Exist or can’t be found The next page down beneath that is Coming soon page this page is used as Kind of an under construction sort of A placeholder page so if you have for Instance your site visibility set to Private Then this will be displayed when someone Tries to visit your site and they don’t Have permission to view it All right and just beneath that at the Bottom of the editor over here you have Site pages and these are pages that you Have added to the site either by linking To the page from one of your theme Template pages Or you’ve added it manually here And you also have an the style guide at The very bottom this lets you change and Customize these active style guide here Changing the fonts colors and other Settings for the style of your site Directly from within the editor And to return to the overview page and Leave the editor click on the back arrow To exit the editor Alright those are just some of the Amazing features that you can access Here on the overview page There’s a lot of different sections Covered here that we will go more in Detail and cover more detail in other Videos so please make sure to check Those out


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