Adding a New Course in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn how to “Adding a New Course in ClickFunnels 2.0”.

Hi there this is Matthew with the Clickfunnels Education team in this Video I’m going to cover how to add a New course at the end of this video You’ll know how you can add a new course To your click funnels account And how you can configure the settings For your new course so to get started You’ll need an active clickfunnels Account So how can you create a new course in Your click funnels account using the add Course tool Suite you can follow a few Simple steps to create your new course You’ll also be able to set up your Settings for your new courses such as The course URL description and theme After creating your course you can add Your content with modules and lessons I’m going to add a new course you’ll First need to click on the site and Funnels button on the left hand side of Your screen which will bring you to the Site and funnels Sub menu here So click on that Now click on the courses button in the Sub menu on the left hand side of the Screen this will bring you to the Courses dashboard page That’s right here next click on the add New course button in the top right Corner of your screen

This will bring you to the add course Tool Suite Let’s see a few options here to get Started with your course in this case We’re going to choose a blank course All right you’ll be asked to fill out Your course settings here so first You’ll need to pick a title and type That in here next fill in a description After that choose a path for your course Here It will automatically generate one based On the title you chose however you can Customize it manually right here Next choose a theme for your course by Clicking on the select theme button And you can choose from any of the Themes you have currently installed Let’s click on one of them to select the Theme and then click on the select theme Button next select a thumbnail image for Your course by clicking on the select Image button This image will appear next to your Course on your Pages where your course is listed right Once you’ve selected the settings you’d Like here go ahead and click on the Create course button you’ll get a Notification here that the course was Created successfully and you’ll be taken To the course page for the new course Right here If you wish to edit the settings you

Chose during the creation process you Can do so later by clicking on the gear Icon on the course course overview page Right here This will allow you to adjust the Settings for this course And once you’ve made any changes you’d Like to the course settings don’t forget To click on the update course button in Order to have those changes saved and Updated Alright and that’s all you need to get Started with creating a course Feel free to create a new course Yourself by following the steps Outlined in this lesson edit any of the Course settings after you’ve created it By clicking on the gear icon Some important things to take away from This lesson so you can use the add new Course tool Suite to create a new course In your clickfunnels account You can set up the following settings When creating a new course The title description path theme And thumbnail image You can also edit these settings Afterwards by clicking on the gear icon And your course dashboard Be sure to check out the next lesson for More videos and the next steps thanks For watching.

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