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Hi there my name is Drew with Clickfunnels education and I hope you’re Having a great day today In this video we’re going to talk about Contact tags A tag is a flag that you can put on a Number of different features in the Clickfunnels 2.0 architecture It will allow you to sort by that tag And therefore keep your contacts Products and so forth better organized In this case we’re going to talk about Contact tags contact tags can be very Useful especially when sending marketing Emails because you can flag users who Have for instance Interacted with a certain funnel Undertaken a certain course or made a Certain purchase Or group of purchases To start off with go to the contacts Section of your account by clicking on The contacts tab on the left hand side Of your screen Now that you’re here click on the Contact tags section of your account You can see that the contacts tags Dashboard is currently empty we’ll add a New tag Now by clicking on the add new Tag button in the center of the screen We can choose a name for our new tag in This case we’re going to choose

Education example tag You should do the tag name that is more Descriptive for how you want to sort Your customers Or contacts in this case We can also choose a color for our tag This is just useful as a visual Interface tool it doesn’t help to see Which tag contacts are tagged with which Tags We’ll choose blue but you can choose any Color Click create tag to continue You can now see that the education Example tag has been created in your Account let’s go back to all contacts By clicking on the default contact We can now add the education example tag And click update contact There are also ways to automate this Process Returning to this settings screen we’ll Now see that the education example tag Is on this contact this means that when We want to find this contact we can Search by that tag That’s all that we have for for right Now but if you have any questions or Concerns what you’ve learned today Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Our excellent tech support team Alternately if you want to learn more About the clickfunnels 2.0 Infrastructure and tool set

Check out other Academy videos and Documents for more information Hope you found this helpful thanks and Have a great day.

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