Adding a New Page in ClickFunnels 2.0

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ClickFunnels Education team and on this Video I’m going to talk about adding a New page So after completing this video you’ll be Able to answer the following questions First how can you create a new page in Your click funnels account and two how Can you configure the settings of your New page So to go through this video uh we Recommend the following you should have An active click funnels 2.0 account Uh and although you don’t need any Previous knowledge to make keys of this Lesson you may benefit from having Completed the lesson Pages section and Overview So how can you present your content to Your audience and visitors to your Funnel site or course Building a page lets you choose your Content and give it in a way you wish it To be seen Then when your audience visits your page You know that they will see your Material as intended Right so let’s jump straight to it you Can see in the background I’m already on The pages uh page of my account so to Get here Uh you want to go to sites and funnels

And then you want to go to pages on the Sub menu And that will take you to the same page You saw earlier so the next thing you Can do is Click create new page on your Upper right corner The system will automatically open a Pop-up window displaying the following Options So you can choose any of the existing Templates that you see on your screen Now just a reminder you may or may not See any templates here depending on Whether you’ve created pages in the past Or you haven’t so if you haven’t created Any pages in the past you might see Something different this might be blank On your end okay so there are also Templates funnel page opt-in Uh these are some of the templates that Are available Uh thank you templates sales and an Order page template Alternatively you can also go and choose Start from blank So that’s our the system will Automatically trigger Uh the page editor that allows you to Customize or create your page from Scratch So let’s go ahead and click that and Try to create a new page So on after clicking the create from Blank or start from blank you should see

The following Fields uh the name field Which is going to be the name of the Page we are creating so let’s call this Opt-in page Uh you have an option to give this page A description which is optional so if You want to give it a description put it On this field if not leave it blank on The page URL you will see the system Will automatically use the name that you Gave the page as the page URL which is Totally customizable So You can click customize Right there And the system will always give you this Banner if the page URL is still Available for use if not the system will Also tell you uh that the URL is already In use and the system will automatically Add alphanumeric characters on the page URL to make the URL unique Style guide you have an option to choose What style guide do you use if you have An existing style guide and then once You’re happy with what you’ve filled out Click on create page and the system will Automatically take you to the page Editor if not if you click on a discard Button it’s just gonna delete everything You’ve created and take you back to the Page we were on earlier so I’m going to Go ahead and click create page And now we’re on the page editor so on

The page editor you can freely customize The page however you want and once You’ve created the new page you can just Save the changes and either preview the Page or continue creating the new page So for training purposes I’m just going To quickly whip something up Then I’m going to add another section For headline Thousand An image Input fields And about Right there Right so we have a headline we have an Image two input fields and a button so Once you’re happy with that you can go Ahead save the changes You’re gonna have this Banner on the Lower right confirming your changes Uh and that’s it you’ve already created The new page you can click this icon Right here to exit the page editor That’s going to take you to your page Listings and you can see on top on the Top row uh the new page that you created So after creating the new page you can Configure the settings of the Page by Clicking the gear icon across the page Title so that’s this icon right here So if you click on that gear icon you Can see the name of the page right there So you can edit that if you want to Change the name of the page you can

Still add a description if you wanted to And then you have the SEO metadata Information of the page so you can Change the page title if you have a Different SEO title for the page Also a description A URL is still also in there you can add The SEO image of your page as well And then after the SEO metadata section You have the URL so you have the path Name the existing path name of your page You have the option to view all of your Path names if you have more than one And then on the advanced settings you Have the option to choose the style Guide that you want to use for the Page By clicking on the drop down so after Making any changes on the page settings You can click on update page or you can Just exit out of it by clicking Escape Or cancel on your keyboard we’re just Going to take you back on your page Listings That’s it so your next steps from here Uh go ahead and try to create a new page Uh follow the instructions in this video And try to create your new page and see How that goes uh play around with the Settings of your new page uh adjust the SEO settings of your page try to add an Image and see how that goes And um yeah that’s it from here if you Have any other questions please feel Free to reach out to support thanks for

Watching the video have a great day Ahead.

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