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ClickFunnels Education team in this Video I’m going to go over a different Course elements module elements and Lesson elements that you can add to your Different pages and your themes in order To display your courses and make it easy For your members to view your courses And your content so To get started we’re going to assume That you have the course created and Some course content and modules in there Real quickly I’m going to go over just Some of the things that you can include In your courses just so that we’re Making sure that you know what types of Things can be included on those pages And you know where these settings are Applied on these elements All right so I’m going to go into cites And funnels on the left here and right Now I’m going to go down to courses Okay right now I have two courses so I’m Going to go ahead and just click on one Of these All right and so for the course itself You can open its settings here And you can make sure you have a Thumbnail image if you’d like for your Course All right so if you have a thumbnail Image here just go back

And go ahead and check on each of your Individual modules and lessons so for my First module here I’m going to click on The gear icon Go ahead and click the expand settings Here to see the thumbnail image so if You’ve selected a thumbnail image you Can see this here for your modules Okay and if you have a lesson here you Can actually click on the settings for Individual lessons as well you’ll see That there’s a thumbnail image option Here there’s also two additional Settings there’s audio settings and There’s video settings for actual Lessons And you can include an audio file or a Video file here for those lessons Okay so I’m going to go back out here And I’m just going to briefly show you How I have my course laid out here There’s two top level modules there’s to Make your first module and make your Second module these are both top level Modules here that are sitting at the Very top And so directly beneath the first module I have one lesson here this lesson is Not super important that’s what I named This one And we also have a sub module so this is Another module directly beneath this First module okay And it’s a very important sub module

And within that sub module I have Another lesson here it’s a very Important lesson all right so we need to Be able to get to this sub module and This lesson from from within this one And you’ll notice in my second module Here I don’t have any sub modules I just Have an individual lesson So we don’t have to worry about Accessing a sub module from there All right and so the first thing I Wanted to cover is the fact that as of Right now your members will need to sign Into your customer center in order to Access their courses so real quickly We’re going to jump over to the customer Center and we’re going to make sure that Our members can see the courses that They’re enrolled in when they sign into Our Customer Center So click on Customer Center here on the Left menu And right away I’m just going to click Customize All right so I’m here in my customer Center with the page editor open and I just have a few uh product elements Down here but what we need in order for Our members to see the courses is a Course collection element Okay so what I’m going to do I’m just Going to add a new element right here at The top And click on course from the right hand

List here And I’m going to select the collection Element that’s directly under course Okay So let’s collection here I’m going to Click on that You can see it added a collection Element here there’s a bunch of these Little icons in a grid It gives you the option immediately to Add a new column to this grid However if you end up clicking away you Can just click inside one of these again And you can select how many columns You’d like to show On each of these Okay and so the collection elements here Are just a grid shaped Collection of elements which are going To display your individual courses so Each of these squares will represent a Course And not all of these squares are going To be displayed on the live page it will Automatically pull in the courses and it Will populate the squares automatically Starting from the top left until it runs Out of courses okay so if you only have One course just this square up here is Going to be displayed and so the first Thing you’ll need to do For this to work is you’ll need a couple Of elements added within the course Collection element itself

So that you can display the information About your courses Okay so if you click add new element Right here You’re going to see it opens up to the Course elements so make sure you’re in The course sections here And this is going to be the information That’s automatically pulled in and Populated based on the settings for your Course so you can include things like a Course name And then you can include something like The course image And most importantly you’ll need to make Sure you include the course link element Here This is the link that your members will Actually use to access the course itself So you need to have this included And again make sure you’re taking these Elements from the course section Okay so make sure you’re not selecting Anything under here from General This information will not be populated With information for your specific Courses automatically okay just these Ones here well all right and you can Feel free to add any of these other Element course elements if you’d like Such as the podcast link or the publish Date or the description I’m just going to leave these three here And I’m going to click save

Okay so with this collection element Here and the course title course image And course link elements added to that Collection element this is the course Collection element I can go back To my course here Thank you And the next thing you need to do is to Customize your course home page and the Course home page is where the course Links will direct your visitors to That’s going to be the starting page for All of your courses and it’s going to be The First page that everyone will see when They access your course as a specific Course So you can access the course homepage by Clicking customize here from directly From within the course This actually takes you directly to the Course homepage you can see it here on The left in the editor However if you are somewhere else in Your dashboard or in your account Somewhere else so any access to the Editor you can find that here under Course home Okay so that’s the same exact page that We were just viewing all right so the Important thing that you’ll need to Include on your course home page is a Module collection element so that once

Your member has clicked on which course They want to view They can see a list of the modules that You have within that course And since this is the top level the First page it’s the course home page the Course collect the module collection Element is just going to show your top Level modules so I’m going to go ahead And add that now to my course home page Add new element You need to click on course on the right Hand here And you need to click on modules okay so You need to make sure you’re selecting The elements here that are under the Course modules section Click on collection And you’ll get the same grid layout that You saw back on the customer center page Go ahead and add a column and then you Can start adding in these course module Elements to display information about The modules So pick which information you want to Display about each module Typically you can use the name again So that’s the course module name element And you can include the course module Image this will include the thumbnail Image And most importantly again you’ll need To include the link element this is the Course module link element which will

Allow your members to click on a link to Go directly to the actual module All right and there are other elements In here that you can include if you’d Like any of these under the course Modules section will automatically Populate with information that you’ve Configured in the module settings Such as the publish date podcast link or The description Okay so with the course home page Created and the course modules element Added and configured with some elements Here I’m going to save this And the next page that you’ll want to Make sure you’ve customized is your Module lessons page you can see that in Your theme Pages here on the left under Course home it’s going to show module Lessons So to get here you need to actually Click on course home in order for this Section to be expanded Then you’ll see the module lessons Beneath that here Now the other area you can access this Page from Is directly from your courses If you’re in a course and you click on Customize Your module lessons page is going to Show up under templates it’s the default Module page for me right here this is The one I’m using

For my theme and for my course right now Okay and this is the same page that was In the editor here Okay so again that’s the module lessons Template page right here all right so When a member clicks on a module or a Sub module from your from your course Home page This page is going to be used to display That module Okay and so what happens is it will Display Any lessons that are directly within That module and it will also display any Sub modules that are beneath that module So in order to accomplish that it’s Important that you include both a lesson Collection element And a module collection element So right here I’m going to go ahead and Just add at the top I’m going to add a New element and I’m going to go to Course I’m going to go to lesson Okay and so here under course lessons I’m going to click on the collection Element so this is going to be the Course lessons collection element Going to add a column again I’m going to start adding some of these Course lessons elements to it This is going to populate the Information That you set up for each of the lessons

So you can include something like again The name The thumbnail image And most importantly the link Okay and so once you’ve done that If you’re using sub modules in your Course then you’ll also need to add that Module collection element that I Mentioned okay and this is the same Element that you just added to the Course home page And since on the home page All you’re seeing is the top level Modules by adding the course module Element to the module page itself You’re able to see sub modules so if You’re using sub modules it’s important That you have this element on this page As well So at the bottom I’m going to just click Add element I’m going to click on course I’m going to click on modules on the Right here And under course modules I’m going to Select the collection element Okay and it set up the same way that we Did on the course homepage Add a column and then add the Information that you want to be Populated for your for your sub modules So you can include the sub module name Sub module thumbnail image and most Importantly the link to the sub module

All right you’ll see this down here Once you’ve added these to the page you Can save it All right and this so this is your Module page the next page you’ll need to Customize is the actual lesson page Itself So on the left here it’s the lesson page And again you can access it by clicking On the course home to expand these Options And click on lesson page And back in the actual course editor if You opened up the editor from within Your course Can be found under templates Default lesson page for me this is the Page that’s being used for my lessons This lesson page is used as a template To display each of your lessons So each of your lessons is going to use This template when it’s displayed and so You can add things to this template that You set up in the actual Lesson settings such as the title You can also include things like the Thumbnail image You need to go to add an element and go To course on the right here This time you need to go to lessons Okay and you can include something like The thumbnail image A pair have already included the Lesson title

So this is the lesson name up here Okay If you have any other settings for the Lesson that your lessons such as an Audio file or video file that you Selected for your lessons you would need To add those here You can add the video an element and This lesson video element will display The video you chose in the lesson Settings Okay and same with the course lesson Audio if you selected an audio file in Your lesson settings this will pull in The audio you selected in that in that Lessons settings All right and the last thing that you Need to include on your lesson page Is the content body so you can find the Content Body by going to add elements And going to the dynamic slots section Under Dynamic slots click on content Body And this content body is where the Individual content for the lessons Themselves will be displayed so this Will be the unique content that you Create for each lesson it will be Replaced here dynamically When you go to edit that lesson You’ll see this page And you’ll be able to edit this section Here where the content body is Okay and depending on how you have your

Course set up you can add the button for Marking a lesson as completed directly To the template page Or if you choose to you can include it In the actual each lesson content when You create each lesson You just need to have a button And with the settings you have the Button action Set to Mark complete Okay and that’ll allow the system to Keep track of completion progress When your members have gone through your Lessons And with this created I’m going to save The page All right and now I’m going to show you How this all looks going from beginning To end As if we were a member coming into the Course And so I’m going to go ahead and copy The link for my Course here I’m going to open up a new window here This iron And we’ll need to sign in as our member So I have an account here that I created As an example All right so you can see here that I’ve Logged into my customer center And I have the Course collection element right here

Showing the two courses that I have Created now I’m seeing both of these Courses however I’m only enrolled in one Of them if I click on the course that I’m not enrolled in I’ll get an error Message here that I’m not enrolled in That course If you want to change this you can Change the element settings on your Customer center so that it only displays The courses that the user is enrolled in I’ll show you how to do that real quick Inspecting your customer center If you customize this And you go to the settings for the Course collection element by clicking on The gear icon You can change the filter by contact Enrollment to show only enrolled courses And then save the page All right now back on the Customer Center page where I’m signed in As my example user if I refresh this Page You’ll see that That course has gone away And I can only see the course that I Actually am enrolled in Alright so if I click on the link Element here this was the course link Element It’s going to take me to my course home Page for this course And it has the course title element up

There Okay and so from the course home page it Shows the top level modules which I had The two top level modules And these are their titles their Thumbnail images and a link directly to Those modules All right so for the first module here If I click on that It takes me to the module lesson page For this module And of course it has the module title at The top And it shows me any lessons that I have Directly in this module right here Showing me that the lesson title the Lesson thumbnail and the lesson link but It also includes down below any sub Modules and this was being populated by The module collection element that we Put on the module lesson page Okay so without the module element the Module collection element on the module Lesson page itself we wouldn’t be able To see any sub modules Foreign And so for this example if I click on The sub module here You’ll see it takes me into this sub Module with the title And it also shows the lesson that I had Within that sub module right here okay And again it’s got the lesson title Lesson thumbnail image and the lesson

Link and if I click on the lesson link It’ll take me directly to the lesson Lesson page here Now I don’t have any video or audio Setup in my lesson settings but if I did Those would show up here And these would be clickable But it does show the lesson image The lesson title And it shows the button I have here Which was to mark this lesson as Completed All right So that covers the individual elements That you need to include on your Different theme pages in order to allow Your members to access your courses Your modules your sub modules and the Lessons as well as any of the settings That you’ve included in the lessons such As Any audio file video file Or images That you’ve had when you set up those Lessons If you have any questions or run into Any issues with this please don’t Hesitate to contact our support team Thanks for watching and have a wonderful Day.

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