Analytics Live View in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn more about Analytics Live View in ClickFunnels 2.0.

Hi there I’m Drew with ClickFunnels Education I hope you’re having a great Day today We’re going to be talking about the Analytics live view You can navigate to the analytics live View by clicking on the analytics tab on The left hand side of your screen You then select the live view tab within The new menu that pops up On the analytics live view tab you can See events happening in Regal time in Your funnels pages and courses in your ClickFunnels account For the all events you’ll see events for All types of events for these different Venues however you can also select a Filter to choose particular types of Events applied tag will track any tags Applied in your account course completed Will track when users and customers Complete one of your courses of course Lesson completed we’ll track when users And customers complete a lesson in your Course and of course lesson viewed Will complete it will probably we’ll Track when a course lesson in your Account is viewed course section Completed we’ll track when a section in One of your courses is completed and a Course section viewed will show when Someone is looking at one of your course

Sections course viewed will show when a Course overall is viewed and this can Help to track people’s engagement with An overall course It will track opt-ins Whenever they happen anywhere in your Account Page views whenever they have in your Account Send email step bad address for when you Have a address that does not function Input as an opt-in send email step Bounce For when a email is not accepted by an Email recipient Send email step click For when a link in one of your emails is Clicked on send email step open for when An email sent to a customer or member of Your audience is opened Send the email step sent for when a new Email is sent from your account and send Email step unsubscribe this will be Described when someone chooses to Unsubscribe from your mailing list Site event click for when a button or Link external to your funnel is clicked On Topic subscribed when someone subscribes To a topic that is a topic of some of Your marketing emails topic unsubscribed For when someone unsubscribes as Mentioned above and URL redirect click For when a URL that is set to redirect

Is clicked on As you can see in the click funnels Academy account we have a number of People viewing completing and clicking On lessons in our click funnels Academy Lessons We also show Visits and topic subscriptions but That’s just the things that have Happened in the last few minutes You can then choose to select a filter Have a longer view that only focuses on Those types of events That about wraps up analytics live view If you have any further questions or Concerns please don’t hesitate to reach Out to our excellent click funnels tech Support team Green time if you’d like to check out Other courses lessons or Videos in the ClickFunnels academy Series please go ahead and do so at your Leisure I hope you’re having a great day Take care.

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