Are You a Technician or a Businessman

What are the things that people Shouldn't Outsource nothing you can Outsource whatever you want I think it's Just what goals do you have if you love Painting and your whole business is Painting as soon as you hire painters You're no longer painting anymore is That what you wanted some people yeah Some people know the difference is if a Painter wants to make money painting That is different than somebody wanting To start a painting business one is a Business career the other is a Technician career and that's actually a Really big one a lot of people who are Technicians love the craft and hate the Business and they need to decide whether They want to be business people or they Want to be technicians and I don't think There's a right or wrong answer they Just need to decide for themselves and Then stop their expectations about Having both because the businessman Wishes he could paint all day painter Wishes he could make the money the Businessman

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