3 Amazing Web Designs Made by AI + How To Do It Yourself

Guys this AI stuff is absolutely nuts if You still haven't used tools like mid Journey to design your websites you're Going to want to watch this video I'm Going to share with you three websites That were designed by mid-journey and I'm also going to show you the exact Prompts that I used to create these Beautiful websites let's dive into it my First mid-journey prompt was a colorful Landing page for a company selling Popsicles light mint light pink and Light yellow color scheme with cool Abstract textures version 5. and this is What mid Journey came up with and Honestly I really like all of these Different options I feel like it gave me Some good variations we've got some Really creative visuals we've got great Section layouts some good variation that I can pick and choose what I like from This and so overall this first pass was Really good now the one thing that I Felt like it was missing was still a Little bit of depth I feel like all These pastel colors kind of blend Together and so I wanted to make one Slight variation on the style so what I Wrote this time was light mint light Pink and light yellow color scheme with Cool abstract textures like zebra and Cheetah print and with that slight Adjustment to The Prompt this is what it Came back with adding these black

Patterns really brought my popsicles to Life and while I loved all these Different options I ended up choosing Option four which is really colorful it Pops I love the hero section and this Gives me a great start to designing out My popsicle website now when you are Creating your own design prompts inside Mid-journey or really any other AI Program there are a few things that you Want to make sure that you put so in the Case a mid Journey you're going to want To initiate the prompt by putting Backslash imagine and then you want to Tell it what you want be clear be simple Next you're going to want to specify Colors textures and styles to make sure That this looks exactly like you want it To and then in the case of mid Journey You're going to want to specify that you Want version 5 to make sure that you get The most up-to-date visuals alright now Let's talk about my next design so the Prompt that I chose to use was a new Landing page for a Batman movie that is Very serious and intense Batman is Sitting on top of a tall building Watching over Gotham City black and gray Color scheme with small amounts of dark Blue version 5 aspect ratio 916. and mid Journey's first pass at this website was Really really cool now I wouldn't say That this is a style that I necessarily Like but I feel like the output from The

Prompt that I gave it is really really Good and the thing that I love about This is right off the bat it just starts Putting ideas into your mind of what the Graphics might look like the layouts What the hero section could look like And this web design definitely matches The intense nature of Batman so honestly This first pass was exactly what I was Looking for so I actually ended up Choosing the first option because I just Loved the way that this design looked my Favorite part of course was the hero Section I love the graphic of Batman Looking directly at the header and the Call to action and honestly the rest of The section lamps were pretty solid and Immediately gave me some really good Ideas that I take and Implement when I'm Actually designing out this website now This truly is the point of a tool like Mid-journey it's not going to design a Final product for you but what this is Going to do is instantly give you an Infinite amount of ideas based on Industry style color palette ideas you Can just toss these things into Mid-journey and it's going to spit out These ideas that can inspire you to get You started on your design process now With all of that said I did feel like This Batman website was maybe a bit too Serious so Just for kicks I thought that I would see what would happen if I

Changed up the prompt instead of serious I put very silly unprofessional out of Shape Pixar incredible style and this is What it came back with and I really like This site I think the illustrations are Really clever the one that I picked was The fourth one that I feel like looks Exactly like Mr Incredible in a Batman Suit and just like that you can take the Exact same website change the style and It's going to completely change the Output of what you you get and so if You're looking for something more Playful more serious darker lighter no Matter what it is that you want mid Journey is going to be able to match That style and give you some pretty Awesome ideas alright quick pause before I show you the last design there's Something important that you need to Know about mid Journey it is run inside Of a Discord server and so it can get Really overwhelming when you get lost in A mountain of random prompts and random Images and sometimes you even lose your Own prompts and so what we've done is Created a private Discord server for web Designers only so you're only going to See web design images you're going to be In there with other web designers so not Only are you going to get inspiration But it's going to be way less busy and It's going to be an awesome place to Connect and it's completely free so if

You want to join that click the link Down below enter your email and I will Send you a private invite to that Discord server we'll see you there Alright so let's get into my final Prompt which was a cryptocurrency Landing page showing earnings graphs Dark mode light green accents gold coins Line arts slanted sections version five And right off the bat I was pretty Blown Away by what it came back with I do Believe that a lot of these were pretty Busy but it's better to have these Outputs be too much and too many ideas Rather than not enough right because I Can choose the ones of these that I like I can get additional variations on the One or two that I do prefer and then I Can just pick and choose the different Design Elements and sections from those Designs now in this case there were a Couple designs that I really liked such As this one but in the end I ended up Going with this design I feel like it Was really professional it was unique I Love the output that it gave me based on Me typing in slanted sections it feels Like a graph it feels like analytics Like data I love the big graphic there In the hero section and overall a pretty Professional looking website for my First go at a cryptocurrency website so That's it for this video If you enjoyed This and you want more videos on design

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