Blog Section and Customization in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn more about Blog Section and Customization in ClickFunnels 2.0.

ClickFunnels education team and in This video we are going to go over blogs First thing you need to click in the Site and funnels menu from the left side Of the screen And then you will find the blog section Now when clicking on it you will see Your blogs dashboard And here you can edit the name of your Blog Here is where you will see the posts That you have added to your blog in this Case I’ve added two Here in these steps you can filter your Your blog posts by the ones that are in Draft Meaning that the ones here are Those are haven’t haven’t been Um published yet in the draft section And then in the public uh tab you will See the ones that are already published Um here in these buttons here we have Customized we have settings view blog And new blog post Um first let’s let’s start by checking This the block settings by clicking on The gear icon Here this is another area where you can Change the name of your blog Here you can change the current path of Your blog Here you can select a different style

For the blog and here you can select a Page template This will be the blog information the General information of your blog and Then we also have this SEO and sharing Here you can add a title for your blog This is this is this title will appear In the tab when people opens your blog And then this is a description of your Blog and you can add a default sharing Image This information is optional And then we will move to categories you Can create categories to Um to group the content of your blog for Example if you have several blogs Talking about the same topic you can Create a category a category for for That topic And you only need to click here in your Category And then add the name for the category And then we will see the text you can Add tags to your to your blog uh this Will be only for your organization for Internal organization your customers Won’t be able to see these tags and Lastly you can add authors you can have More than one author you only need to Click in here to add to add them and Once you have done Um completing this information you can Create you can click in update vlog Uh going back to them

To the blog dashboard uh we have The customize button this customize Button will take you to the editor let’s Click on it and let me explain More about this section Here in the left side you will see block Home block category and then these are The posts that that have been added to The to the blog uh so let’s start with The blog home Block home as you can see here there’s a Lot of information that are inside of These brackets That means that this information will be Updated with the information of your Blog so block name will be replaced by The name of your blog and this post Title will be replaced with the name of Each one of the posts and with their own Picture as well So here is where the categories will Appear In this area And uh yes you can edit this page as you Wish you can add your logo change Typography and background color Etc And then this the block this is the Block category template each one of the Categories when you click on them Um will take you to this page so it will Be the same process you can edit as you Wish and the information inside of Brackets will be updated with the

Information of each post Here in this area you will see your Posts And for example if we click here We will see that here in the past Content is where you can add each post Information But we can see that the background is in Black and white and it’s not editable so Where you can edit this template you can Do it from here if you click in the Templates Tab and then click here you Will see that now this background is Editable so this is your post background This is where you can edit each post Background and it will be applied to all Of them in order to add specific content To each post you will need to have this Element here the content body and by Adding this you only need to click on Admin element and then click on Dynamic Slots and then content by okay so this Content body element that says Dynamically replace will be replaced by This purple section here and it will Allow you to add specific content to Each one of the posts Uh now if you go back if we go back to The blog dashboard and we still have These two buttons here uh this one is a Preview To see a preview of the blog and this is To create a new blog post but we will See this process in on another video and

I forgot to mention that you can also Filter and sort your blog post by by Using these two filters From here I hope this information about dogs was Helpful uh once again this is Alex from The customer education team thanks.

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