Adding and Publishing a Blog Post in ClickFunnels 2.0

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ClickFunnels Education team and in this video we are Going to see how to add a new blog post And how to publish it first thing we Need to reach our blog section by Clicking here inside and funnels and Then block Here in the right in the top right Corner you will see this button that Says new blog post so you only need to Click On it And then you will be able to see this Page here you can add any Any name for the Post You can add a summary for it you can add An image For that particular uh post and you can Edit the SEO and sharing information From here In this side you can edit the visibility Of the post Public as it says here it will be Visible to everyone and draft it will Only visible to you or the site at Admins or the editors that means that The public won’t be able to see if it’s In draft uh here you can add an author Category and you can add text and here You can also edit the style of the of The post and select a template page from Here once this information is completed You only need to click on here create

Post And now you will see the post in here by Clicking here on each one of the posts You will be able to add the specific Content uh to each one of the posts in Here for example a new section let’s say Full page one column you can start Adding the content if you want to add a Video or A paragraph Etc you will be adding the specific Content to each one of the posts and as We mentioned on another video the Template of the posts is not editable From here if you want to edit The post template you need to click here In template click here Don’t save the changes and the template Will be able you will be able to edit The template from here Um now if we go back To our dashboard Uh you will see the posts also in this Area and here as you can see this one is In draft for example let’s click on Draft we will see only this one which is The the one that I just created and the Public Will be uh will be will show the other Ones that are already published and if We if we check all of the posts We will see these three um little icons This one is to preview the post This one is to duplicate the post and

This one is to edit the post If you click on edit post you will be Able to see this screen where you can Edit all your post details And once you have a finished editing the Post you can click on Save and close uh The last thing to mention Um is how to publish your post That will be here in the visibility area Here is where you can set your blog post To public so everyone can see it or to Keep it in draft uh so that you can Continue editing the post Um I hope this information about post uh Blog post was helpful this is Ali from The customer education team thank you.

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