Brands become more important during recessions

During a recession people go towards Security and so what happens is Brands Become more important during a downturn It's the time where people are willing To spend more to go back to the things That they know will work and that's Where like Coca-Cola classic becomes Where everyone will funnel their money Rather than just like the new disruptive Innovator they're like I don't know if I'm gonna spend money on this side thing Now because money's not flowing so I'd Rather pay down my Risk by going with The sure thing or the known thing the Messaging of Brands goes from thriving To surviving it goes towards security Instead of like missing out it's about Like future proofing and protecting and Securing your future but the ones that Will do the best during those times are The ones who spent the time before the Recession building their brand building Goodwill building trust so that during This time period they can glob up more Market share

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