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ClickFunnels education I hope You’re having a great day today We’re going to be talking about product Collections you can get to your products Section of your click funnels account by Clicking on the products tab on the left Hand side of your screen Once here select collections in the sub Menu of your products tab On this page you can create collections That allow you to perform the same Action to a number of products at the Same time Via the settings on your collection you Can choose whether to manually add these Products or have them automatically Added to a collection when they’re Created based on the characteristics That you’ve given them We’ll start out by creating a new Collection We’ll give this collection a name for This case we’re going to call this Collection Education example And we’re going to give it a short Description Products created To give an example You have the option of whether or not You want to include a Collection image We won’t for this case

The visibility of this collection will Show what stores products within this Collection will be visible within but For now we’ll click create collection As you can see we’re now on settings for This collection We can at this point choose to add a Collection image change the name or Description Or choose whether to manually or Automatically add products to this Collection Since it’s set to manual we can click Add products Now we can choose products that we’ve Already created in our account And add them to the collection As you can see they’re now part of this Collection although we can remove them Manually as well by clicking the delete Button when we click the delete button We’ll be asked to confirm whether or not This is something we wish to do and We’ll click proceed here You can do this For all of the products We can also choose to make the Collection an automatic collection Antique do this by creating a filter We can choose whether the filter is Based on the name whether it’s based on The time it is created or updated at or A tag applied to the product So for instance every product that has

The tag CF academy test would be Automatically added to this collection We’ll talk about tags more later on For now we’ll turn this back to manual And since we’ve made changes we’ll click Update collection We can now go back to our collections And access the settings for this page at Any time by clicking on the edit button If we want we can also archive this Collection getting rid of it but keeping It around so that if we want to restore It later on we can For now we’ll click archive collection To Archive this collection it will ask If we want to confirm and proceed we’ll Click proceed Now in the archived collections you’ll See that our education example isn’t Currently active but can be recovered we Can do this by going to edit Scrolling down to the bottom of the page And clicking unarchive once again we’ll Be asked to confirm and proceed Now our collection is back in the main Active collections Thanks for joining me for this brief Overview of collections if you have any Questions or concerns please feel free To reach out to our clickfunnels support Team Or check our help database for more Useful information Please don’t hesitate to reach out we’re

Here to help have a great day.

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