Product Discounts in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn how to do “Product Discounts in ClickFunnels 2.0”.

This is Matthew with the ClickFunnels Education team In this video I’m going to go over Product discounts and how to create new Discounts for your products So before you get started you’re going To need to have an active click funnels 2.0 account You’re also going to need to have a Product created within that 2.0 account Alright with those set up you can access Discounts from the products dashboard so To get started click on products from The left menu And then click on the discounts menu There All right and here you’ll see if you Have any discounts already in here You’ll see those in the table below And you’ll be able to switch between the Different views for that table you have The all tab Which shows all of the discounts whether They are currently active scheduled Expired or archived They will all show up here under the all Tab next you have active which only Shows the currently active Discounts You’ll have the scheduled discounts here Which only shows discounts that are not Currently active but are scheduled to be

Active at a later time Under expired you can find discounts That are already expired which if the Date that they are the date range they Are applying from has already passed You’ll also be able to view archived Discounts under the archived tab And archived discounts are discounts Which have been removed from the account If they are no longer needed or you just Want to remove them All right so to get started creating a New discount for your products You’re going to need to click the add New discount button All right you’ll see there are three Different types of discounts There’s discount codes Which will allow you to create a Discount code that customers must enter During the checkout process in order to Redeem that discount There’s also an automatic discount Which will be set up using certain Conditions and rules And if the customer meets those Conditions or rules then that discount Will automatically be applied for that Customer And there’s your standard sale discount Here which will reduce the price of one Or more products and this discount will Be applied automatically Throughout your store for all of your

Customers So the first discount type we want to Cover here is sale So I’m going to click on sale here And this is a bunch of options which are Common to all three discount types here It’s the first option you have is the Discount name As you can see your customers will not See this name so choose a name that Helps you identify this discount Next you have the discount method And you can choose either a percentage Or a fixed amount And so the percentage is the amount That’s going to be taken off Of the base price for the product Same with fixed amount And beneath that you have the Entitlements which is where you select Which products or product collection This discount will apply to You have the option to select all Products which would apply this discount To every single product in your account You can choose specific products by Clicking this bubble option here and Then selecting the field empty field Beneath that and selecting which Products you want to include here you Can select multiple products by clicking In it again And you can filter through some of these By start if you start typing

And you can remove them by clicking on The X next to their names in that field You can do the same thing with Collections by clicking on the specific Collection Bubble icon there And this will list out your Collections that you’ve created in your Account if you have any And you can add multiple Collections and Remove them the same way All right and so at the top right here You have the status for the discount I should say active here and you can Change the start date and time if you’d Like to set a specific date and time That the discount will start so you can Schedule this in advance You can just select a date here using The calendar and a time down here by Using the little switch icons here with The numbers All right And you can apply that there there’s Also the option to activate now which Will automatically fill in the current Date and time Into the start date and time field here For you Now you also have an end date and time Option which will determine when the Discount ends So you can set up specific ranges for Your discount to run through if you want

To limit it to specific dates And you select the same the date the Same way you did before Right once you have this information all Filled out here And you’ve entered in a name and filled Out all the information and selected the Products On the create discount button in the top Right here And you’ll get the notification that the Discount was successfully created All right and one thing you’ll notice Here when you create the discount And this is also true if you go in to Edit any existing discounts settings Where the end date is has not passed You can click the expired Now button Here underneath the end date and time That will change the end date and time To the current Date and time and then you click update Discount And that will simply expire that Discount immediately As soon as you click on the update Discount button All right and so I’m going to go ahead And discard those changes by clicking The discard button because I did not Want to expire that discount You can see your new discount appears Here at the top of the list it’ll show You the discount type the status there’s

Scheduled active expired archived You can see the amount of discount being Applied here it’s a specific amount It’ll show here if it’s a percentage It’ll show there as well You can also see how many products this Discount is being applied to You’ll also see the from Field here which shows the range of Dates that this discount applies Or is redeemable And you can also see how many times this Discount has been redeemed or used here All right and there’s some additional Options here at the end such as the gear Icon here which will allow you to edit The settings you can also click on the Discount name in order to edit the Settings I remember to click the update discount Button after you’ve made any changes to Your discount settings And click the back arrow to return to The discounts menu All right now we’re going to go over a Few specific details about the other Discount types here so I’m going to add A new discount This time I’m going to go ahead and Select the automatic discount And here you’ll see similar options just Like you did in the sale discount However there’s a couple of differences One being that you can trigger the

Discount based on a specific Criteria here we have the cart total Option so here we can specify how much a Customer’s cart total must be so that’s How much they must be spending on their Transaction in order for this discount To apply And you can use these Arrow buttons to Increase or decrease that number by one You can also type into this field in a Specific number using your keyboard Again you have the same options as Before choosing the discount method such As percentage or fixed amount and the Entitlements in order to select which Products or product collections this Discount will apply to You pick this start date and time the Same way as well as the end date and Time You also have this option new Option Here under Advanced to limit this Discount to one use per customer So this option will make it so that each Customer can only redeem this discount One time They would need to pay the full price For the product the next time they go Through checkout All right I’m going to go ahead and just Go back to the main menu here and I’m Going to show you the new dis last Discount type here which is the discount Code

All right so the first thing you’ll Notice here is the main difference being That has a new field here for discount Code This is the code that the customer must Use in order to redeem this discount and This must be entered in exactly the way The customer will enter it in So you can enter in whatever text you’d Like the customer to enter In order for them to receive that this Discount here Okay and you’ve got the same options Beneath that for the discount method and Entitlements You also have the same options for the Start date and time as well as the end Date and time However you also have some new Options Under Advanced so we do have the limit To one use per customer same as the Other discount type For the automatic discounts so you can Limit this Discount to be redeemable only once for Each customer There’s also the option to require a Minimum spend amount here by checking This box This will reveal the empty Fields just Beneath it And just like in the automatic sale Discount you can increase or decrease The number using the arrows there or

Type into the field to enter a number Manually And this is the same functionality as The minimum spending in the automatic Sale discount was this is the amount the Customer must be sending spending in Their cart total in order for them to be Able to redeem this discount code So without them spending this amount Then they will not be able to redeem the Discount code And you can disable this just by Removing the check mark the check box There All right remember to continue by Creating the discount by clicking on the Create discount button in the top right I’m going to just remove this since I Don’t need it Now you have the options to Archive Discounts as well to remove them from Your account if you no longer need those Discounts or don’t want them to show up Anymore on your list of discounts you Can do that by clicking on the discount To open up its its settings And you need to scroll to the very Bottom of that page and click on the Archive button Doing so will give you a notification That the archive action was successfully Created Now you’ll be able to find your archived Discounts under the archive section here

When you click on that tab you’re going To see just the archived discounts And if you need to re Integrate this discount here You can unarchive it by clicking on the Discount here from the archived list And you can scroll down to the very Bottom again and click on the unarchive Button You’ll see a notification that the Discount has been unarchived and is Scheduled to start one year from now And the discount will now appear in your Discount list again here as an active Discount And the reason we got the notification Telling us that it would start a year From now is just simply because the Start date here Change to be to October 9th 2023 which Is a year from today So you can edit this discount again However you would like And update the discount settings All right and that’s all there is for Discounts so you can use discounts in Order to Sweeten the pot for your customers and Encourage them to make a purchase that They otherwise would be on the fence About or Simply wouldn’t choose to purchase Doing so allows you to invite new Customers as well as get more sales

Generated for that product If you have any additional questions or Run into any problems with this please Contact our support team Please be sure to watch our other videos On other topics Such as the inventory and tags in the Products menu as well We’ll cover those in more detail Thanks for watching.

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