Courses Dashboard Overview in ClickFunnels 2.0

Foreign [Music] We're going to give an overview of the Courses dashboard To get to it go to site and funnels Then go to courses And now this is your courses dashboard Right here we're going to start in the Top left if you have all selected it Will show all of your courses if you Have published selected it will only Show your published courses and if you Have draft selected it will only show Your courses that are set to draft Right below that you do have the search Bar so if you do have a lot of courses And multiple pages of courses if you're Looking for a particular one you can Type in the name and hit enter and it Will pop up To the right of that we have the filter Button In the future we will add rules that you Can filter out your courses And then it will display only the Courses that fit those rules To the right of that we do have the sort Option where you can sort alphabetically Or reverse Or the oldest created first or the Newest created first Above that we do have the new course Button where you can click on that and Begin the process of creating a new

Course Now below here we do have A list of all the courses here Now over here we have a modified columns Button we can click on that where we can Display What we want on the dashboard For this example I'm just going to have These display for right now To the left of each course you're going To see the courses thumbnail If you've assigned it one Below title you will see the title of The course Below completion average it will show a Percentage of how much your customers Have completed the average For that particular course To the right of that we will see the Number of members that are a part of That course To the right of that we do have the Status which will show if it's draft Published or publishing which means it Will publish in the future And then to the right of that we do have Four icons here The first icon will allow you to open up Your course in another window So that you can preview it The second icon here will allow you to Duplicate your course The third icon right here will allow you To go in and edit your course

And then the last gear settings icon Will allow you to go into the settings Of that course I'll scroll to the bottom right here now We had more courses in here there would Be A page number right here down in the Bottom right And would allow you to go through the Different pages of courses that you have Listed And this button down here will allow you To Find more articles on courses if needed And that's a overview of the courses Dashboard if you have any questions feel Free to reach out to our tech support Team or check out our other articles on Courses that will go into more details Of all the different features of the Courses section

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