How to Change a Course Availability Date in ClickFunnels 2.0

Foreign How to change a course's availability Date so to do this you're going to click On site and funnels on the left hand Side of the dashboard Then you're going to go down to courses And click on courses Now while we're in the courses dashboard You're going to see a list of your Courses in it to the right of them You're going to see their statuses Now if you have a draft status that Means it's not live none of your Customers can see it if it says Publishing that means it's going to go Live in the future it's not live now but It will sometime in the future if you're Hover your mouse over it it's going to Show that date and time as to when it's Going to go live And if it shows publish that means it is Live already and your customers can see It So we're going to show you how to change The availability date depending on what Status it's in already So for test course one right here you Can see it's in draft So we're going to set the availability Date in the future sometime So we're going to click on draft and We're going to click on publish And then we're going to click in this Box right here under available at

And I'm going to make this one available At December 25th 2022 at uh let's do 12 P.M Once I select that I'm going to click on Apply right here Do not click update course yet because If you select this and then you click Update course it's not going to show the Date that you selected so click on apply First Once you click on apply first double Check make sure that the date and the Time is correct and then click on update Course Now the status will show publishing and When you have your mouse over it you'll See December 25th at 12 pm this course Is going to go live for my customers Now let's say I got the date wrong and It was supposed to be January 25th at 12 P.m what I can do is I can click on the Publishing status Then I can scroll down a little bit and Then go down to edit publishing And then I can click right back in that Box right there And then I can go to January and I'll do 25th at 12 pm and then I'm going to Click on apply again Then I'm going to click on update course Now if I hover my mouse over it you're Going to see January 25th 2023 at 12 p.m This course is going to go live Now this course right here is already

Live now in A scenario where you might want to have It so that a course that's already live Not be live anymore but be live in the Future what you can do is click on the Published status Put it back in the draft now remember When you do that any customers that had Access will not have access anymore Because it's now in draft And then once it's in draft you can then Follow the same steps that we were Before with this course by going to Published Then selecting a date and time clicking Apply And then click update course and then it Will show that it's going to publish on A certain day in the future Now another thing that you can do as Well is like if for instance test course Three I want to publish it immediately I Don't want it to publish you know Several days in the future several Months in the future I wanted to publish Right now it's ready to go what you do Then is you go in here you go to Published you do not select a date in Here at all all you do is you select Update course And then it'll show immediately Published

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