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Hi there this is Matthew with the ClickFunnels Education team I hope You’re having a wonderful day In this video I’m going to go over the Courses Section and provide an overview of how The courses section is laid out We’ll also talk a little bit about how Courses can help your business and where To go after this lesson to learn more Alright so by using the course section Of your account you can build a course Divided into modules and lessons that Will let you present your lessons in an Ordered and organized fashion And you can sell access to this course Or use it to show how your product or Service can solve your audience’s Problems So to get started we’re going to need to Access the courses dashboard and you can Do that by clicking on site and funnels From the left menu And then click on courses from here Right and the courses dashboard here Will display all of your existing Courses it’ll show any additional Information about each course and it Also lets you create new courses But to create a new course you can click On the new course button in the top Right of your screen

Right here And also use the filters at the top of The page right here to to view different Types of courses that you have right now The all tab will display all of your Courses that you’ve created in your Account The published tab will display all Courses that you’ve published and can be Accessed by members The coming soon tab will display all Courses set to coming soon which lets Members know that courses will soon be Released And the draft tab will display all Courses that are still in draft mode Courses in draft mode are not visible to The public all right in the search bar Here Allows you to search for courses by name And the table right beneath that here Will show Any existing courses that you have as Well as the details and that includes The title of the course right here the Course thumbnail image The average completion by all members Who are enrolled in the course It’ll also show you the number of Members who are currently enrolled in The course And it’ll also show you the current Status of that course so it’s whether It’s published draft or coming soon

And to access a courses settings you can Just click on the courses name here from This table All right so let’s take a look at how One of these courses will look When you have created one so I’m going To click on one here All right and so this is an overview of Your course and it will show you all of The modules and lessons that you’ve made For the course It’ll also allow you to create new Modules and lessons for that course You’ll also be able to customize the Layout for the course change the Templates you’re using and choose your Team All right so up at the top left of the Screen you’ll see your course title okay And this is the title of your course Right here and right next to the name You have a few options here there’s the First icon which will allow you to Preview your course Next to that is a link to share your Course with another account And finally you have a button that will Allow you to duplicate the course And create a copy of it Right over on the other side of the Screen here you can see the status of The course again and that’s whether or Not it’s published coming soon or draft You can change the status by clicking on

That status there and selecting a new One There’s another option to preview your Course right here with the preview Button Right next to that you have a gear icon Which will allow you to access your Course settings These settings will include things like The course name the URL the description And the themes that are being used in The course and lastly over here there’s The customize button which will allow You to change the layout of your course Home page all right just beneath that You have the team access section right Here and this will allow you to add new Team members to the course that will Allow you to collaborate with them Alright so finally down at the bottom Here you’re going to see a list of all Of your modules and lessons and this may Be collapsed here but you can expand Them all by clicking on the expand all Button right here You can add a new module by clicking on The add module button Now once you’ve added a module you’ll be Able to add content to that module Including new lessons And once you’ve added a module you’ll be Able to see it in the list here You’ll see the name on the left With the little icon here it’s a box

Looking icon to indicate it’s a module You’ll be able to see the status for the Module and change the status here by Clicking on this And you can click on the module itself To collapse or expand that individual Module here All right the next thing you have is Another tab down below here to view Enrollments and these are current Enrollments for this course The search bar right here will allow you To search for a specific member who is Enrolled in this course And down below you’ll see the table that Lists out all of the members that are Currently enrolled in this course You’ll be able to see information such As their name here As well as their email address you’ll be Able to see their specific progress Right here as a percentage and you’ll be Able to view the date they were added to This course so when they were enrolled In this course Right and that covers everything that We’ll go over in this overview So that shows you how you can access the Different areas within your course when You’re setting one up In the next lessons we’ll discuss Specific tools for building out your Courses which will include adding a new Course

Changing the course theme and appearance Organizing your course with modules and Lessons Creating and editing your lessons And Publishing your modules and course Go ahead and take some time now to Familiarize yourself with the course Section using the guide in this lesson Once you’re comfortable exploring the Courses section of your account go ahead And proceed to the next lesson When you’re ready I hope this video has helped please make Sure to continue and check out the next Lesson and the video within that lesson As well thanks for watching.

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