Creating Courses in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn ways to Creating Courses in ClickFunnels 2.0

We’re going to go over the course Feature built into click funnels 2.0 Let’s go and hop right in Um as you guys know there’s so many cool Features here but we want to cover this One feature here that I think a lot of Us can agree on that this is super Exciting which is going to be courses to Get there go ahead and click on site and Funnels and then you’re going to go Ahead and see courses right here on the Left go ahead and click on the courses And here is where you’re going to be Able to start building your dream Courses right the courses that are going The courses are going to help solve so Many problems for a lot of your clients So that being said um to get started What you want to do of course obviously Is create a new course now I already Have a few of them already here but when You first start you have an option to go Ahead and just create one simply go Ahead and click on new course and you Can choose what’s called a basic course Or a nested course okay and I’ll show You the differences in a second but you Just go ahead and choose the course you Want And I’ll just call this one demo quartz Example just the get things going Version I don’t know do whatever and

We’ll just say yeah of course is Need to example All right Um You can just go ahead and give that Name give a description wherever you Want to you could do that Um you can also go ahead and add an Image there a thumbnails for your actual Course it could be any thumbnail you Like and let’s go ahead and create your Course there And once you get that going um you’re Going to be able to now start to Customize the course the way you want it When you first create it it’s going to Be in draft mode so this is where you Find all the courses that you are Creating all right and then not only That you can also see there’s uh your Published ones here so make sure it is Organized uh the ones that are coming Soon so if you have something set for Like a future date so for example Um I’m just going to show you really Quick let’s say I’m going to do this one Here I want to publish it and let’s Publish it in the future oops didn’t Mean that uh let’s publish it for the Seventh we’ll hit apply update course All right so now it says live in seven Days which is so amazing I love this Feature okay all right so uh once you Get those things going again you can go Ahead and start to edit these now I want

To show you just a couple of examples And again there’s gonna be a lot more Videos we can do for you to show you This is how cool this is but we’re going To show you the nested version First Here so if you wanted to do a nested Version Um this is how it looks what happens is That it takes modules and you do modules Within modules so you have module A1 Module A2 and you can just keep drilling Down here to view other modules and Lessons of those modules okay so you Have like three nested modules here and Then of course you have your um you Could do your A3 uh lessons one two Three so on and so forth so you can get Very granular if you like depending on The type of courses you have again we Wanted to make sure you have so many Options to be able to provide to your Tribe here as far as helping them on Their Journey okay so um we also have The enrollments page where you can see Who was enrolled in these particular Courses so I’ll show you an example how That looks if I go to I believe courses Demo I did a demo of this earlier And if I go to enrollments I’ll see Myself here that I’m actually enrolled In this course you can look at the Progress so on and so forth and I also Can go into the actual contact to see Actually their sessions are completed

And things of that nature again there’s So much to cover here but I just want to At least give you a high level overview Of what it is that you could do in Courses again please be on the lookout We’ll have way more videos you can look Into as far as how to go and build out The course specific to what you need to Do for your business okay thank you so Much for watching this video have an Amazing rest of the day take care.

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