Editor Overview in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn the cools stuff ClickFunnels can do in this Editor Overview in ClickFunnels 2.0.

Everybody welcome back once again it’s Greg here and in this video we’re going To introduce you to the ClickFunnels Editor in ClickFunnels 2.0 now back in Click funnels 1.0 we really only use This editor for funnels but in Click Funnels 2.0 we now use it for funnels Blogs sites funnel hubs our stores we Use it all over the place and in every Instance it’s the same simple to use Drag and drop editor if you’ve used it Before you’re going to be super familiar With it but there’s all kinds of new Little tricks and elements and features In there that I’m excited to teach you All about so let’s go ahead and jump in Over here if we go to sites and funnels This is where we’ll mostly end up Entering the clickfunnels editor whether You’re working on your site from right Here your funnel hub You’re going to add to your blog your Funnels Pages Etc It’s all done from this part of the app So let’s just use my site which I like To call it my funnel Hub as an example I Already have my theme set up here I’m Just going to click here on customize And it loads up my funnel hub In the editor my site in the editor So just like the original click funnels Every single page whether it’s a page in

Your course whether it’s a page in your Blog whether it’s a page for your site Your funnel hub It’s this same classic editor and it’s Still true to the 1.0 editor we still Have five major layers to every page That we design So What’s different now is we have sort of A little nav on the left where if we Have say site pages on here we can Actually navigate to a site page right From this side navigation I can change To different pages I can access my blog From here I can access my courses from Here so I don’t have to like completely Exit the editor to start editing a new Page now I’m in my site right now but if I was in a funnel it would show me all The steps in my funnel over on the left And I could switch from one step in the Funnel to the next without even leaving The editor super super helpful but if we Click the little hamburger menu here it Actually moves out of the way and we can Focus on editing here actually let me go Back to my home page my site or my Funnel up okay so every page that you Design in a funnel has really five Layers to it the major five layers are Backgrounds Sections rows columns and elements every Single page you’ve ever been to whether It’s in 1.0 or 2.0 consists of these

Five layers so the very first layer is Our background in the background Actually gets applied to the entire page From top to bottom left to right To change our background all we do is go To settings and background right here See So if we click on that See I don’t even have one turned on but If I turn it on I can make the Background for my entire page top to Bottom it can be a color or an image So with colors it’s pretty simple like If we make this let’s just make it I Don’t know this sort of Green color right here You might notice that We don’t see that green color anywhere On this page that I’ve designed And well that’s because All of the sections which is which is Our next layer that would go on top of That background are set to full width so They’re going all the way from the left Of my page all the way to the right So we can’t see what’s hidden underneath It but that background is underneath There Um also in settings here Figurative background I could use an Image as my background Same thing though if we click on this And choose an image to be our background Image

Well it’s still not going to show Because All of my sections on top of it are Covering from the left to the right so There’s a little analogy I like to use When I’m explaining this and it’s the Analogy of making a pizza for any of you That have ever made your own pizza Before You start with the base layer which is The crust right and our funnel our crust Is the background Then you put the sauce on top of the Crust right on a page our our sauce is The sections but it’s almost like we Haven’t left any crust on the pizza in These cases because every section is Going all the way from left to right see These green outlines oh this one’s Purple we’ll get to why that’s purple in A little bit but all these green Outlines are going all the way to the Left to the right Okay and we’ll get into the cheese and The toppings and everything here in just A moment as well but I just want to show If we add a new section to our page so We can click wherever it says new Section uh we can also I believe manage It from the layout here I like to just hover over an existing Section let’s do it right here and click On ADD section okay so I just added a Section we’ll set it to full page just

Want to show you if I set that to full Page look in this section it’s not very Big yet but we can actually see the Background image that I had set behind It see a little bit right or if we went To settings and background and removed That background image now it’s green Right that’s this green color that I’ve Set Now In the settings of a section Here I’ll use one that’s already on here You can also control Whether it’s going to go all the way Across or not go all the way across so We have section width here mine set to Extra large but if I went to large or Medium or small or extra small Well then my section is only going to Here and we see the green to the left And the right of it So that greens even though you don’t Always see it like whatever the Background color is or the background Image even though you don’t always see It it can be hiding there behind Everything and when you have this that’s Extra large that is essentially making It set to Full width when you set it to extra Large so I don’t see anything to the Left or the right okay now we added our New section on and inside of each Section we add our next layer so like if

We were making a pizza once we had all The sauce on right we would add on the Cheese So if we click here on add new row You’ll see We can add all kinds of different Layouts for rows so rows and columns Were two of our layers so think of rows And columns sort of like a blended Cheese on top of our pizza because they Kind of come together like I can have a One column row And then at the bottom of a one column Row I can add a two column row and I can Essentially make up the layout of my Page Your sections rows and columns are Really what are making up the layout of The page And then inside of each row we add our Elements which are going to be things Like images and text and all that fun Stuff those are like the toppings on Your pizza right so if we were making a Pizza and looking at it from like Straight above that would sort of be Like building a page in a funnel Now it’s weird analogy but it works okay So Let’s go back to Rose for a second your Rows will always have these blue Outlines Whether it’s multiple columns or not And

What’s new in 2.0 is in the corner of Each column in a row you have settings Here Now at the bottom of each row there will Be an add row button you can use that to Add additional rows And inside of an empty column of a row You can add a new element by clicking The add new element button And if there’s already an element in the Column of the row that you’re working on You just click the add element button Under your orange outline so sections Will always be green outlines rows will Always be blue outlines You get the settings of a column in the Corner of a column of a row now and your Elements will always have orange Outlines Let’s add a bullet list here okay now For your elements you can drag and drop These wherever you want them to go All right got this up here I can move it Up here if I wanted to We can also move entire rows and entire Sections if you get your blue outline Now you can either move it up one or two By clicking these arrows Sorry up or down by one by one row by Using these arrows same with the section And you can also Click this move button here click and Drag and you can move it And I’ll show you all the spots that you

Can move it into So if I want to be below that row I just Drop it right there And now my one column row is below my Two column row if I want to move it back Up I can put it right here And now it’s above that two column row Same thing with the section I can move a Section by one by using the up and down Arrows to the left of a section And I can also click the move and drag It and move it where I want to go as Well Okay so That’s basically all the layers so you Can see how you know the the sections Rows and columns really make up the Layout of the page and then the elements These are what really make up all the Content on your page so what I want to Do next and we’re going to do in the Next video is dive into all of the core Elements I’ve studied tons and tons of Different funnels there’s a ton of Different elements you can use but the Majority of most funnels consist of just Five elements I’m going to teach them to You all in the next video so that’s it For this video I’ll see you in the next One thanks so much bye.

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