Extraordinary accomplishments come from doing ordinary things

Extraordinary accomplishments come from Doing ordinary things for Extraordinary Periods of time when I was younger my Action showed that I was more impatient I always was willing to sacrifice what I Had today to get the quick Buck I Thought there was some Shortcut I didn't Know about and I would see the guys on Stages being like this is what we do we Do a lot of it I was like they're just Trying to hold the secrets back and I'm Here to tell you that that is not true Like I wish I could go and shake my College self and be like if you do one Thing for a very long period of time you Will get very good at it I can't do that So the next best thing I can do is try And Shake You by the collar the thing That makes the action extraordinary is The commitment to it not the nature of The action itself it's the fact that you Do it for 23 years that is what Compounds on itself and that not the Action itself is what makes someone Extraordinary

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