Here’s why I eat the exact same thing for lunch every single day…

Experience really quick hack that I use To get 55 grams of protein less than Five minutes making literally protein Pancakes that tastes like you're eating A birthday cake the reason why I do this Is because it's super easy to do like You saw it take you five minutes and Number two it lots of protein and number Three it tastes really really good A lot Of times we eat the same thing over and Over and over again you're sick of it But it's like eating a birthday cake With sprinkled over it's insane and I've Lost like 15 pounds on it I showed this One of our masterminds in Mexico and two People I know have lost over 50 pounds Just by adding this to the lunch every Single day it's like the simplest Easiest thing to do in the world if I Had to think about lunch every single Day every night or even like the time to Go to ubereats like figure out what You're gonna get takes longer than this Just did just knock out so that's what I Have here inside and I just busted out Real quick every day get back to work I Know you're like rough where's your Fruits and your vegetables and your Fiber all that kind of stuff it comes at Dinner time I skip breakfast this is my Lunch and then dinner time if I load up With all the rest of this so that's how I do it

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