How I went from $100 to 1 Million | My Story

My journey of building a business from Zero to a million comes in three Different phases first one we have the MLM phase second one we have the Freelancing phase and then the third one We have the personal brand face so let's Break down everything I did and how I Did it so that you can do the same so The first one was an MLM and this was a Healthy energy drink so I was playing Football soccer and this healthy energy Drink would promise energy and also like God bacteria a healthy sort of from the Inside and I believe in the product I Definitely did but then once I called my Friends and family and everyone was kind Of tired of me I was like okay this is Not just like an excuse not to keep Doing this I actually insult people by Doing this and I wouldn't either want People to reach out to me that way and So I dropped out even though I had some Success but then someone else called me Up they were like hey I think this is a Better opportunity for you and every Time I hear like opportunity in the MLM Space I'm like careful but I'm like hey I'm I'm gonna open-minded guy I can Listen to this so I sat down they were Like hey we have a test that can show You the inflammation in your body and I Was like that's awesome because I've Seen the impact of society from eating Bad sleeping bad not exercising all

These different things so I took this Test I saw the inflammation in my body They had this product and this product Helped you 90 days sort of get that back To neutral so you didn't have Inflammation in your body so that you Couldn't develop as many diseases and All these different things which I was Super into and I so I joined signed up I Started paying the monthly subscription Everything I wasn't afraid to invest in Myself even though I was broke but I Wanted to build something my way I Wanted to build it you know online I saw The rise of social media by the way this Was five six years ago and seven years Ago and so I knew that social media is Going to be the next big thing combined With sales funnels and websites that Sell the product that you're selling so So I could automate everything and ask People why don't we do that so again After I'd called people had some success I was like I'm done with this I'm just Gonna do social media marketing and Sales funnels in the future I'm done With everything else and I'm just gonna Do it in a way that is easier to scale And so that's what I did I dropped I Looked at the marketplace like what's Missing right now and with everything Happening like you see in US Amazon all These like big marketplaces I wanted to Do something locally so I started with a

Friend of mine who actually bought a Company called lahi ETO Um or local farmon and it was basically Like a membership card that we would Have companies join we got over a Hundred different companies who joined This platform and when you had this car That we sold to individuals you could Get 10 discount at these 100 different Stores locally as a thank you like a Reward system for supporting local but We didn't make enough money from selling These cards and I think we did it wrong Instead of like charging the companies We charge for the card 50 bucks per year But still we didn't make enough and so I Was like well I have this you know Network of businesses right now like who Can I help with social media instead Remember from the MLM time so I was like Okay I can just go into a freelancing You know and now we're entering phase Two freelancing space and I can work With these companies whatever they need Like websites we did logos we did social Media content advertising Drone footage Everything they needed for Ecom stores Here locally we did it for construction Companies we did it for rental products Real estate all of these different and It was fun it was definitely fun even Though there's a lot of things that I Wish I did different and that's the Journey of just becoming an entrepreneur

From nothing and dropping out of college And not having a degree is you just test And do your best right and so that's What I did I got to 10K per month pretty Quickly right and then I was like I Remember one day after doing this for a Little over a year and just like sort of Maxed out the time that I could invest In this I didn't want to grow a team I Love being the creative person but I Didn't love having like meetings and Being around these business owners Because of this one simple thing that Would change change everything for me So I am a personal development heavy Person like I love working on myself Becoming better every single day just Even one percent but I love investing Time into myself and learning the things About the world about me my potential Psychology and all these different Things and so I would go to marketing Conferences and all these different Things and I was always hyped but Business owners local I felt like they Were kind of like man you know you know Things suck that it was looking bad in The marketplace right now and all these Different like it would I wouldn't enjoy Being around these business owners and I Would also not enjoy the person I was Becoming so I remember one night I was Driving home at like 3 A.M and I wasn't Spending enough time with my wife and we

Had a kid at the time as well so which By the way I'm I missed out a huge Portion of this entirety that I'll share At the end of this the one thing that Changed everything for me was having a Kid and I'll explain more soon but I was Driving home 3 A.M and I was crying Because I was like is this it like I Built this business that is making six Figures but I'm not happy like I'm I Feel depressed and I have anxiety and All these different things and I'm not Sleeping good I'm not you know sleeping Enough I'm not eating good and I'm not Taking care of myself and I've just like Worked myself to the ground And I just felt like is this it really and So when I got to that point I knew how To make a change but it was scary like Anytime you want to make a change is Super scary So I wanted to work with more Like-minded people I wanted to use the Skills that I had learned but I wanted To move into a more International Direction and for that to happen I knew I had to cancel you know how they say Like you got to give up good to become Great I had to give up the safety that I'd created and so at New Year's I think It was 2018 or 19. I canceled all of my Clients I shot down my six figure SMA my Digital marketing agency and some of you

Are going to be like why would you shut Out shut down a six figure literally 10K Per month agency maybe it's hard to Understand if you're just starting out For somebody who's been in this industry For a while once you start making money It's not about the money anymore now it Becomes more important like you actually Enjoy working with what you're working With and enjoy working with who you're Working with and I feel really good I Feel free So I saw this ad from Russell Brunson His book it Secrets or expert Secrets and I read it and I was like This is it this is what I've been Talking about local business when we did Marketing we couldn't track the Conversions and split test different Things and as a geek focused on personal Development and psychology marketing Goes hand in hand with that so I focused On marketing and then conversions for Business owners who people like me Personal Brands experts consultants and So you know worked with these people and I started building funnels for them and I still remember there was this one Competition that changed everything and So I learned these funnel building Skills I had some you know small clients Here and there and there was one Competition where the this Guru this Expert this huge personal brand he was

Like one of the top you know click Funnels people at the time and he would Do a competition for three people to Become his funnel Builder so I was Nervous obviously it was you know a huge Opportunity for me huge chance to work With this person and I set my mind to Just winning that like I'm just gonna Win this right now I don't care how much Time it takes this is the foundation the Launch pad for me to take over this Funnel space and so I sat down and Probably spent like two full days Building this funnel and I was like I'm Not really good at this whole funnel Design thing yet but I'm just gonna Invest my resources my time into it to Becoming that person and so I ended up Winning he announced like hey I want to Hire you full time for all these Projects and so he started paying me and Then uh started referring me to other People And that's how I sort of hacked my way Into the big the big leagues and so After that I've been able to work with Russell Brunson Dean graciosi Tony Robbins Robert Kiyosaki a lot of like Probably most of the biggest names you Know in this space and I don't say that To brag I say that to show you what Possible because I truly believe in the Power of being dedicated having patience And doing something that you know is

Going to be fruitful in the long term When most people tell you oh that's not Possible so now let's talk about you Know where we're at right now and what You know what the future is after this So I told you phase two is freelancing Phase one was MLM now let's talk about Phase three the personal brand so once I Started building my personal brand and Having these results of building funnels Water people I started going on podcasts And people would ask me I would ask them As well when I saw someone at a party Because like hey you want me to come on And talk about getting clients and Personal branding and all these Different things people start asking me As a groomer person around how do you Get clients like how do you get them is It cold calling or is it called emailing Or like what's what's what's the deal Here they couldn't understand how this Someone from who's a nobody from Finland A small town could just rise to the top Of this small click funnels Community I Mean small it was a hundred thousand Plus people in this community but a Small town small kid like a nobody and I Was like well I mean they just sent me a Message and I talked to them and I like There's this there's this pattern of Things that I ask and they're like okay What are the questions you ask them well At first I asked them this thing and

Then this and I started like listing out This checklist for people and they're Like okay like so how do you build the The funnel then and I was like well I go Through like a research process and then I build the mood board and then you know The design the copy like all the Different things and and I sort of Created a checklist for that and people Started asking you know for more Coaching can you don't show me how to do That and so I started selling coaching And of course called full-time of the Signer which we have now updated to 2.0 And 3.0 because I obviously updated Every single year with new information That I learned as I build these funnels Myself because yes I still build funnels I'm not just a guru teaching this I Actually make money myself doing this as Well so my entire story led me to on my Journey led me to this funnel person This some people or Russell Brunson Calls the celebrity funnel Builder and So that's where we are right now and We're on YouTube we're growing at a slow Pace but we're staying dedicated to Becoming and staying and cementing Ourselves as the number one platform and And go to place for all things funnel Resources online businesses and all Those different things but I wanted to Share this one thing that changed Everything that I like like I mentioned

Earlier I used to live at a sports Facility a university for becoming a Football player and I really wanted to Become a professional soccer Ball player and I wanted I had this Voice inside of me that said he goes you Can do big things you can become someone And you can actually build a platform to Spread a message of positivity and and Show people true love and what it's like Actually being a true Christian and Loving people serving people and all These different things And I thought that football was that Platform until I had to make a decision So 6 a.m on this regular work day my Wife comes into the room and wakes me up And she's like guess what she's like I'm Pregnant and I'm like what and I'm wide Awake and she's like She's like I'm pregnant And we had tried for probably six months If I remember correctly and now she was Pregnant and I had this like mix of like 50 fear and 50 just pure excitement Because I was like I'm gonna be a dad But at the same time I was like how am I Gonna make money because at the time I Was working as a receptionist at the Sports Institute the university so it Was like a the sports and then the hotel And restaurant all these different Things and so I was a receptionist Working nighttime just to be able to you

Know buy some food for me and my my wife And so she was pregnant I had nine Months to figure it out and when you set That time frame that's when magic Happens so I knew I don't want to be a Father who can't provide for my child I'm not gonna be that person that is a Selfish person a person to be who's lazy Focused on what I want instead of Focusing on what I can do for my family And for other people and this mind shift Has allowed me to not only provide for My family going from not being able to Buy food and having to go into the car And find coins to buy pasta and noodles To now having a multi-six figure per Year business going into 2023 where We're approaching close to 86k per month Which is the one million dollar run rate And I'm very excited I'm very grateful To my wife who stuck with me when people Told me that or told her that I'm using Her because she paid the rent the bills Everything and now we're here and she's Retired she's home with our two Daughters Neila and Nova and I am I'm Just very proud of her for being that Strong woman who can take care of the Kids and be the woman the mom of the Home and also while in that crisis mode Look at me and say look I don't you know I don't love the person that you are Right now yet I love you but I know you Can do more and I'll support you in the

The process of becoming that person to Building this business you can provide And I have patience knowing that there's Better things in store for us and so I Probably missed something from the Journey from this entire there's so many Different things that that I've gone on My life since I started And we're just getting started every Single day I just feel like what can we Do next to serve can I update the course For you can I create another video on YouTube whether it's free or paid I want To serve every single person so if You're watching this you probably have a Goal in life you want to start a Business you want to do big things and So I want to leave you with a few Different advice and so I wrote These Down here so I could I wouldn't forget Them but I truly believe that if you Want to build something great then these Can help you number one don't start Something you're just passionate about Build something that you know people Actually will pay for number two start Something you're good at and can sell For premium so there's a demand and There's a strength within you that might Feel easy for you but it's hard for Other people so they're happy to pay for It number three build a business you can Operate from anywhere with high profit Margins so freelancing you keep

Everything if you sell a Course once You're good at something then you also Keep you know almost 100 of that because It's digital and before it become good At one thing first before you start Diversifying so I once you know did all The different things and I was making The same 10K per month instead just Focusing on taking that to 10 um to 20K Per month and so once I did that I took My funnel agency to 20K per month and so That just shows the power of focusing on One thing number five don't optimize for Happiness it'll make you lazy so instead Of optimizing for how can I be happy why Am I not happy I need to find comfort And happiness then you'll become this Lazy person who's not pursuing growth Which leads me to the next thing Optimize for growth instead because It'll give you meaning and then meaning Will give you happiness as a bonus right Which leads me to the last thing focus On giving and serving people it'll give You happiness as a bonus because you Feel like you're making a difference in The world and that's because you are

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