How to Change the Module Path in ClickFunnels 2.0

Foreign [Music] We're going to show how to change a Module's path to do this click on site And funnels on the left hand side of Your dashboard then go down to courses And click on courses Then find the course that has the module In it and click on the name of that Course Then find the module That you want to change the path of and Click on the gear settings icon to the Right of that module Then under current path you can change The path right here So for this example I'm going to change The path to ABC Efg123 Now you'll notice that I did not put a Forward slash in front of it That is not required you can put it in There if you want but you don't have to The system will automatically do that For you So for this example I'm just going to Remove it then I'm going to click on Update module in the top right hand Corner And then if we go back in there we will See that the path did stick that it did Save now keep in mind that all paths Must be unique within this workspace So now that I've used this path I cannot

Use it again if I do I'll get an error And I'll demonstrate that now I'm going To copy this path I'm going to try and use that same path Again for this other module right here I'm going to click on this gear icon I'm going to try and use that same path And then I'm going to click on update Module you'll see I get a warning saying That I've used it before So I'm going to go back in there and You're going to see what happened was it Added a bunch of symbols letters and Numbers at the end of my path to make it Unique So if you ever come across a situation Where you change a path on a module And there's a bunch of random symbols Letters and numbers at the end of your Path that means that that path had been Used before somewhere else in your Workspace

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