How to Share a Course in ClickFunnels 2.0

Foreign [Music] We're going to show how to share a Course with other click funnels users to Do this click on cite in funnels on the Left hand side of your dashboard Then go down to courses and click on Courses Then find the course that you want to Share and click on the gear settings Icon to the right of it And scroll to the bottom of the settings Of that course you'll see a generate a Course share link button you're going to Click on that Now it will give us a notification right Here saying that that link has now been Produced This course right here is empty so it Produced it rather quick if you have a Rather large course it could take a few Minutes before you get that notification But once you get that notification you Can click the refresh button right here And then scroll down and then you'll see The share link for your course Now you can share this with other click Funnels users such as collaborators or Customers where if they take this link And then it they'll be able to get a Copy of your course that they can put Into their workspace Now if you shared this link with Somebody and then you make a change to

Your course But you haven't published your course Yet they're still going to get the older Version of it so For example if we go down to this course Right here this one I made changes to And then if we go into the settings of It and go down to the bottom you'll see That it's giving us a warning saying hey Since you last shared this link right Here you've made some changes would you Like to republish your course Once you republish it you'll you're Still going to have the same share link But anybody that uses that share link After you click that button right there They're going to get the updated version Of that course anybody that was using That share link before you click that Button They are going to get the older version Of that course

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