How to Export Contacts in ClickFunnels 2.0

Foreign [Music] I'll show you how to export contacts From your clickfunnels 2.0 account When you export contacts from your Clickfunnels 2.0 account They'll be exported in a CSV format And can be downloaded From your clickfunnels account So to get started with this you'll need An active click funnels 2.0 account and You'll also need some contacts added or Saved inside of your click funnels 2.0 Account the contacts area So first click on contacts from the left Menu here You should be in the all contacts menu Here if not click on the all contact Submenu to access all of your contacts And once you're here You'll need to select which contacts you Want to export by checking the box next To each one So you can click on the check box next To each one individually You can also click on the box at the top Of the page here on at this top of this Table And this will select all of the contacts That are on this page Now if you have multiple pages and you Want to select all the contacts on every Page So it would be every contact

Um So it'd be every contact on all of the Pages that show up as a result Then you will need to click on at least One context check box first and then You'll see the option here to select all So when you do that It will select all of the contacts on All of the pages that your results have Shown here Okay and with the context selected that You want to export Click on the bulk actions drop down menu And select export Now you'll need to select which Fields You want to include in the data that you Are exporting so this is the data that's Associated with each contact such as Their email address First name last name phone number and so On Right and so once you've selected The fields you want to include in your Export Scroll down And if you would like to schedule this Export to happen at a future date Then check the box here under schedule Export And you will see that there is a field That appears Just below scroll down when you click Into this field you'll have access to a Calendar widget where you can select a

Future date and time that you would like This export to happen Once you've selected the date and you've Entered in a time here You can click on apply And that date will be logged in so you Can also remove that date by clicking The trash can icon here and click back Into the field to select another one And when you're ready to create the Export Just click on the create export action At the bottom of this menu Now if you want to export to happen Immediately then leave the check box Next to the schedule export menu Unchecked All right I'm going to schedule this one For a future date here and create this Export action You'll see a notification that says the Export action was successfully created And so to find the exports that you've Created you'll need to click on the Contact exports Sub menu here On the left side of the screen And this is going to be inside the Contacts main menu here so When you click on contact exports you'll See All of your export actions that you have Created That includes any that have been Completed already down below as well as

Any that are scheduled For a future date So when you have something scheduled for A future date You can edit the export action or remove It but you can't download it because it Has not been processed yet However once an export action is Completed you'll see it in the completed Export operations section And you can click on the details And from here you'll be able to download The CSV file by clicking on the download Export button All right and that will download a Contacts.csv file that you can then use To import somewhere else or perform Whatever actions externally that you Would like on that data

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