STOP getting ghosted by your freelance prospects

If you keep getting ghosted by your Prospects and clients there are a few Things that you need to understand first You might just not be a good fit and That happens you're not going to land Every single client and so if you do get Ghosted don't get discouraged don't get Your feelings hurt just go ahead and Move on to the next one and understand That it does happen to all of us however The more common reason that you keep Getting ghosted is there is a level of Disconnect or miscommunication between You and the prospect so if you've ever Gotten to the end of a first call and Left the call saying man they're pretty Much on board I've landed this project And then you never hear from them again This means that you didn't truly Understand them you didn't understand Their pain points and their needs you Weren't asking good enough questions and So when they got to the end of the call They didn't feel ready even though you Did and so spend more time on the calls Get to know them better and the more of A connection you make with them the less Likely it is that they're going to ghost You

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