HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT (6 Proven Methods)

You can get anything you want in life if You can get other people to get it for You which makes persuasion among the Highest leveraged skills in the world Tons of research has been done on how to Become more persuasive and I have to Give my nod to Robert Kiel do you need To go who made most research accessible To the masses in his book influence what I want to do is show you the most Effective ways I applied his methods in My own business that now do over 200 Million dollars a year in combined Revenue tool number one is reciprocity I Try to get in contact with Arnold Schwarzenegger when I was running Gymwatch I thought it would make a lot Of sense I wanted him to endorse my book That was like my whole goal turns out Nothing worked it also turns out Arnold Doesn't really care but in order to get His attention what Layla and I did was He donated a million dollars to his Charity and then we ended up sitting Down with Arnold multiple times when you Show kindness and generosity towards Others they're more likely to return the Favor and like you as a result the gift You have to do is proportional to the Person you're trying to give to so for Example if you pay for your friend's Lunch that person now feels obligated to Return the favor they're like hey I'll Get the next one right and it's the same

Reason that outside of a retail store as Soon as you you come in they offer you Cold water it's not because they're nice People it's because they know that You'll feel indebted to them and be more Likely to a stay longer be listening to Them and see ultimately buy imagine how Much it costs a store owner to give Everybody who walks in the door a water I don't know five dollars a day and if They get one person to buy extra a week Off of that which they probably get a Lot more is that worth the investment It's probably the highest return on Investment thing in his entire business Now keyaldine gives a really beautiful Example of how to leverage this in Business he shows an example for a Waiter so if a waiter puts a mint on the Bill they get three percent more tips Right people get something and they're More likely to tip them a little bit More the waiter gives the person two Minutes all of a sudden the tips Increase by 14 and the third way they Did the waiter example was that the Person put a mint down walked away turn Around and put another mint on the table And that created a 23 increase in tips It's worth paying five dollars a month For a big bag of mints just to make sure You get paid but the thing is is that in Business there are tons of these five Dollar mint bags that are laying around

You can immediately implemented your own Business years ago I actually had this Done to me and I saw the effect and it Was wild all right so there was this guy That I thought was a complete weirdo Whenever I saw him he would try and ask Me like 100 questions so he was local to Where I was he was in like some Entrepreneur networks and he would just Like try and Corner me and I was like Dude just get away from me eventually I Had to confront and be like stop talking To me like go away and so what happened Is he was so ashamed of the whole Experience whatever he started sending Me gifts every single month so I'm Talking about like 500 000 gifts every Month like Cutco knives and like Clothing which is kind of weird but it Was expensively lemon stuff anyways for Nine months you see so many birthday Cakes that were custom made and ice Cream like was wild after a while I just Started feeling bad because he just kept Sending them and saying like so sorry I Hope everything's awesome blah blah blah And I was like you know what maybe I Just saw him the wrong way and I was Just like got him off on the wrong foot Even though I knew what he was doing it Still worked and I ended up going out to Meet him again turns out still a weirdo And so that's to show you how powerful This stuff is you can just start by

Giving people free gum when you're in Class which is the first time I learned It when I was in Middle School porn is Mean to me when I gave them gum earlier That day and so this tiny little thing That cost me almost nothing that made my Life in middle school a little bit Easier tool number two is consistency we Judge people based on their actions all Right consistency can be used in Persuasion by asking someone to publicly Commit to an idea or action a public key Can be just in front of you but it can Also be widely to the world if I said Hey are you the type of person who like Takes action and is willing to invest in Themselves if someone says yes then Later on if I say hey since you're the Type of person who's really willing to Take action and really likes to invest In themselves and I think this would be Perfect for you boom and then I can make The ass because I just reminded them Twice of the commitments they made Earlier and I'm asking them to be Consistent with those later during the Close so there's a famous research study They did where they asked people in a Neighborhood to put up a little sign That said please Drive slowly when they Ask people to put a massive sign on Their front yard that said please Drive Slowly most people didn't comply with That request but when they asked people

To put a tiny little sign in their Window the size of a note card that said Please Drive slowly and then two weeks Later they sent them a letter that said Hey since you're a type of person who's So pro-safety for the neighborhood but Would you be willing to put a much Bigger sign to save more lives guess What way more people said yes after Saying the first yes because they Voluntarily identified as a certain type Of person and the researchers got them To remain consistent with the commitment That they had made and so if you want to Get the big yes sometimes you get the Small yes first this is why lead magnets And front-end offers tend to work well To get people to ultimately buy a much Bigger thing later tool number three is Social proof people look to other people For cues about how to behave or what to Believe and this is how we learn to be Human right when we're little kids we Just look at other people we say oh do What they do because that's what humans Do and then you start to become a human If you see something on Amazon it has Five thousand five star reviews you're Way more likely to buy it Amazon does This stuff because it knows it gets People to take action and so if you've Ever heard a laugh track on a show where It's like hahaha in the background People then laugh more than if there is

No laugh track which is wild we are so Conditioned to behave in accordance with How everyone else does that that laugh Track persuades US gets us to do Something they want us to do which is LA F better than anything else and so Here's how I use it in my own businesses I printed out every single five star Review I got online if you have a brick And mortar location this is where it Kills is that you look at all your Yelp Reviews and you screenshot every single One of them so I screenshotted all of Them and I framed every one of them so That floor to ceiling my Lobby was five Star reviews and then the other half was Before and after pictures because Imagine a world where someone says like Hey Alex I don't think you can help me Lose weight and I would just like look Around the room be like really And then I would say how much proof Would you need to believe and at what Point is your requirement for proof more And reasonable than the amount of proof I have and that crushes their belief of Whether or not they could do it or at Least that I was good enough to do it Tool number four liking or what people Would like to call Rapport people like People who like them or they perceive as Friends and the more you like someone The more likely they are to say yes to You and so the liking principle states

That people are more likely to be Persuaded by those that they like and Want to be like and that's the second Part is important and they even did a Research study to test this they told People that they paid strangers to Compliment them they then got Complimented by a stranger who they knew Were getting paid to compliment them and Guess what they still like them more Than strangers they didn't and so even If you know what someone's doing it Still works and they also found out that There's actually no cap to how much Flattery someone will take provided it's Genuine and here's how I try to use this In Persuasion so I always use the ACA Framework acknowledge what they say Compliment what they did about what they Said and then ask another question you Can get basically anybody to like you in A sales conversation or an associate Situation acknowledge what they just Said because it shows that you're Listening and paying attention to them Because the thing that people like more Than anything that they pay people Hundreds of dollars an hour to is just To listen to them talk C you compliment Them on what they just said and how it Ties to them being a great person in Some positive attribute and then you ask Them the next question to move them down The conversation and so the way that I

Actually was able to keep my spirits High because if you are ever front Facing in a role whether it's customer Service or at sales or anything you get Tired and so what I did was that I Actually bought a mini trampoline and I Put it next to my desk and so I would Meet with people and I I was doing 20 Plus consults a day in person and I Would be bouncing on this trampoline and They would look at me like a psychopath People would close more because like This guy's such a goof you cannot be in A bad mood and on a trampoline and when I didn't have the trampoline before that I actually used to do a cartwheel every Single time before I shook someone's Hand when they walk in my gym so imagine You walk in the gym some guy to the car Wheel and it's like hey welcome to United Fitness nice to meet you my name Is Alex you would crack up be like who Is this guy but you know what you did After that you give me money because you Liked me automatically even if someone Was a sourpuss I could still turn the Mood around because what they ultimately Wanted to buy was the feeling that I was Giving them during the conversation Persuasion tool number five is Authority Think about a man who can tell the President of the United States to drop His trousers and stick his finger up his Ass well Proctologist can do that

Whenever they want because they're a Doctor and in the doctor's office they Are the authority if Warren Buffett Gives you investment advice you can move On it faster because you just trust that He's right even if his advice is the Same as a high school teacher the reason It's so powerful is not because what an Authority says is actually more Persuasive in terms of the actual words They say but because people put up fewer Filters and accept more things as truth Which means it has more persuasive Ability independent of the message as Soon as you find a trusted Source what Do you do you just listen to it right Which is why mentors are so valuable Because it actually decreases our speed To decision making and getting action Done which is why we seek out mentors to Begin with which is maybe why you watch Stuff on YouTube what do you have to do To do this you show diplomas credentials Awards Etc and your track record which Is if you followed my Channel at all all I talk about is building your life Resume and having a track record to Stand on rather than puffing your chest And having lots of Charisma instead just Saying you can believe me because of What I've done not what I'm telling you I'm going to do but on top of that if You want to add third party Accreditation I printed out

Certifications for myself and every one Of my trainers because people would come And be like well are your trainer Certified I would say like one which Ones do you want they would never have Any idea and two I would say all of my Trainers are double or triple certified Mind you certifications are not Accredited in the United States meaning I could have 10 certifications that I Certified them myself No one knows I did pay for my trainers To get certified through actual ones but I also internally certified them so they Had more Authority persuasive tool Number six scarcity and urgency urgency Is a function of time so promotion ends Tomorrow scarcity is a function of units I only have a hundred of them left People value what is scarce the reason Gold is inherently valuable versus a Rock is that there's just less of it the Reason De Beers has become this diamond Conglomerate even though rubies and Sapphires are actually rarer than Diamonds is they own all the diamonds They keep them in vaults just so that They can keep the scarcity high enough On the diamonds they fesh a premium Price and so the way that you implement This in Persuasion is that you use Limits limited time limit Supply one Time offers to create the perception of Scarcity the other way to doing is

Talking lost language so instead of like Don't you want to get it's you don't Want to miss out on different way of Framing the same concept people have More loss aversion than they have desire To gain so if you've seen Chanel or Gucci or Prada or whatever they actually Don't tell the stories how much of any Item they'll send they'll have a new Spring line and they'll send one or two Or three purses and they won't tell the Store how many they're going to send in A real way the sales people have the Same concept of urgency they probably Figured it out at corporate that even if They said hey say that we don't have That many purses the sales people like Actually we got more in the back and so They just actually control the whole Thing centrally they only send them and They're like I don't know when I'm gonna Get the next one in or if I'm going to Get another one in at all but then they Took it even further and during covet if You saw it there were lines out the door Because there's like one person and one Person out you know what stores kept That while everyone else Let It Go the Fancy stores because they want to hold a Scarce resource they want to show that There's tons of demand that's a little Bit of social proof you have to be Special it's exclusive in order to get In the key to doing this is not being

Fake I don't know how to say this to you Differently besides trust me if you Actually put true scarcity on something You will sell more so if you can handle 20 people a week in your business or you Have X amount of product tell people Your limits the reason Amazon still says 23 left in stock is because they know That more people will buy it if they see That there's limits so if I said hey I Continue a thousand customers smart you Probably couldn't take them so just be Explicit about how many you have left And you'll actually sell more

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