How to increase your test scores

The test scores that people have on sats And gmats is directly proportional the Number of problems they solved before Taking the test so it's a very clear Input output equation I love those types Of equations I bought every single GMAT Phone book that I could find at Barnes And Nobles and I did all of them I Bought eight books it was about this Much and I did every single problem all Of the books and that's how I scored Above Harvard's GMAT mid score and it Took me four months to do that and so I Worked personally four hours a day doing Problems and then on Saturday I would do A test to test my score to see if I got Better and what ended up happening near The end I would start reading the Questions because there's only so many Ways that they can ask the question and So you probably have about a hundred Different problem sets in your head Where they just changed the names and The numbers but the way you solve it is The same yes you just need enough Exposure to that that you can Predictably get your scores up

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