How To Publish a Funnel

Foreign [Music] We will discuss how to publish your Funnel and identifying the URL that you Need to post your funnel in social media Before getting started please make sure You're signed into your clickfunnels 2.0 Account and you have an existing funnel With pages Let's continue First click the settings button at the Top right corner of the page to open the Pop-up Second click no under test mode Then click the update funnel button at The bottom right corner of the pop-up This action will take your funnel from Test mode to live mode which is ready For publish Next is click the URL at the top of the Funnel workflow to copy the URL to your Clipboard You will see a pop-up telling you that You've copied the URL to your clipboard Which is essentially what you need to Post this funnel to social media One important reminder when sharing or When posting your funnel in social media Using the funnel URL Your first page by default will Automatically display when visitors go To your funnel Congratulations you've reached the end Of the training video if you have any

Questions about this process please feel Free to reach out to our awesome Customer support team have a great day Ahead

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