You Should Go For Super Affiliates

When we launched Alan we got to just Under 2 million a month we did in six Months because I got three super Influencers on board it was the easiest Thing to do there are influencers right Now that are influencers of influencers To people who like teach how to create You know YouTube videos they have Audiences of influencers go to a super Affiliate who has an audience of all of The people so if you have two levels of Leverage one is because you have this Person and then you have all the Leverage that they have and all their Customers and so it's like how do I make A deal with this guy and then rather Than selling agency owners directly I Was like well who has an audience of Agency owners I said that I sold those Guys and then I just gave them a rip off The top line for everything Downstream And so like three sales ended up Generating thousands of businesses that Joined the platform

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