How To Use Webhooks With Zapier in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn “How To Use Webhooks With Zapier in ClickFunnels 2.0”.

Hi there I’m Matthew with the Clickfunnels Education team in this Video I’m going to show you how you can Connect your clickfunnels 2.0 account to Other platforms and applications using Zapier and web hoax So to get started with this you’re going To need a premium zapier account In your zapier account you’ll get Started by clicking on the add new zap Button Now once you have the new zap opened up You’re going to use the web hook trigger So click on web poke here For the event you’re going to choose the Catch hook in order to listen for events Wait for events to be sent from your Click funnels 2.0 account to zapier Okay once you have that click continue This option here will give you uh Options to filter out the text that’s Sent through the web hook so that you Can get individual pieces of data From that text in this case we’re just Going to click continue to receive all Of it And you will receive a webhook URL from Zapier here go ahead and copy this to Your clipboard you’ll need this in your Next steps So from here go ahead and go back to Your click funnels 2.0 account

Now to access the web hook settings You’re going to go to the settings menu From the left hand menu Click on that and then go to the very Bottom of the list and click on web hoax From here click add new endpoint And give your web hook a name Now in this URL field you will need to Paste the URL that you received from Your zap And select whichever event types you’d Like to trigger the zap so in this case We’re going to use the contact dot Created example here which will trigger Every time a new contact is created in Our account So if someone opts into a page or if we Add a contact manually the contact Created event will be triggered and the Information will be sent to our zap Through this web hook You can add multiple event types to a Single web hook however in this case for Testing purposes we’re just going to use The one event type So from here go ahead and click on Create endpoint You’ll get the notification that Endpoint was successfully created Now in order to test this out I’m going To go ahead and create a new contact Manually so that the information can be Sent to the zap in zapier All right now I’ve got a test contact

Information filled out here I’m just Going to click the create contact button And this triggers the Create contact event so you’ll get the Notification that the contact was Successfully created Now you can check that the web Hook was Triggered by Going back to your zap in your zapier Account You can click on the test trigger button Here And it will recognize that you’ve it Received the request for the contact you Just created you’ll get the information That was included in that request such As the last name first name phone number The date it was created All the information that was sent with That request From here you can go ahead and click on Continue And you can configure the action just Like you normally would in any other of Your saps.

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