Websites Overview in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn “Websites Overview in ClickFunnels 2.0”.

Hey everybody how’s it going today we’re Going to look at websites inside of ClickFunnels 2.0 to start this process Off we’re going to look at a finished Product the marketing Secrets home page And the auxiliary pages that are listed Inside of the navigation area to get to The marketing Secrets homepage from our Dashboard we’ll click on sites and Funnels and will be dropped here on our Site overview which shows a preview of Our home page here’s what the live Rendering of the marketing Secrets Homepage looks like You can see from top to bottom that we Have a navigation area a landing portion With an image on the left as well as Compelling copy on the right and a Button for call to action to join the Marketing Secrets email newsletter below The fold there’s a blogs collections Area as well as tabs for our marketing Secrets podcast blog and funnel hacker TV Additionally to the right there are some Minor call to actions to take steps Towards getting a book building your own Funnel and joining The Click funnel Software below there’s even more minor Call to actions such as joining the your First photo challenge and surfacing our Most popular blog post on the marketing

Secrets website there’s even some Third-party custom code here for a Plugin from speakpipe you can ask Russell anything record your voice and Send that message straight to his desk Below all of this page content is a Navigation footer including content About the marketing Secrets podcast Programs you can join and content you Can take part in listening to within the Content hub You can even connect to some of our Platforms on social media so underneath The hood we’re going to take a look at What this looks like on the clickfunnels 2.0 platform back on flickfalls 2.0 We’ll actually jump in and customize the Whole page of our site and just like Before we’re going to take a look at the Section components from top to bottom on This page the first thing you’ll notice Is that we have a Universal Navigation Area this Landing portion has some Contents that are desktop only we have Our blog collections area and our minor Call to actions As well as our most popular blogs and Here is our custom third party code just Below all of that is our Universal Footer for the marketing Secrets website A big part of building a website on Clickfunnels 2.0 is having all of your Auxiliary Pages LinkedIn to the main Navigation area on your site this would

Be inside of this Universal section here On this navigation helmet you can see That there’s tons of links home about Free resources books programs coaching Software or let’s take a look at what That actually looks like inside of the Navigation element today I want to show You the free resources link that we have Here inside of free resources there’s a Sub menu of free funnels free reports Challenges web classes and online Summits this free resources menu item is Also a link in and of itself so how do We populate all of these links inside of Our navigation area if you have the Pages built out already we’ll navigate To our Pages index by sorry for my Dashboard we will go to sites and Funnels and then from the sites and Funnels menu we’ll click on the pages Sub navigation and then we’ll land on Standalone Pages now if you have the URL From any of these Pages you can right Click and copy a link address And these are just Standalone Pages they Don’t have anything to do with our Website quite yet you can actually go Back to the editor for your main website Click on a navigation link and from here You can paste in a custom Action Link Such as forward slash free resources That will direct somebody straight to That URL path now that my free resources Is linked inside of my navigation

Element on my home page something Happens on our Pages index my free Resources link is no longer just a Standalone page it is actually joined in With all the other URLs that I’ve linked Into my main website under the tab for Site Pages now you can see all the other Free resource links provided here as Well as the main free resource link with The path forward slash free Dash Resources that’s right click funnels is Intelligently routing and linking all of These pages together all under One Singular tab for your site pages that Way you’re not rifling around through Other pages that may not be accessible From your main website we hope this was A helpful basic understanding of your Website on ClickFunnels 2.0 if you have Any other comments or questions feel Free to reach out to support and have an amazing day.

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