How you do one thing in life is how you do ALL things in life… It’s time to wake up and show up!!

You've been doing this a while maybe You've seen the mistake that happens Over and over I want the most brutal Like bro you're not gonna make it unless You stop doing this thing that you're Doing and just the most brutal advice You would give to somebody who's just Not making it what would you tell them I Talk about this stuff I'm like live a Lot there's two types of people these People people are driven and people are Drifters and most people are not Successful because it's easier to drift To not do anything to watch TV to do Whatever and it's like I'm extremely Driven you're extremely driven people Are successful are not the ones sitting On the couch and all the ones being lazy The other ones eating tons of food that We had this conversation yesterday most People are super successful this coin Are in good health like why is that it's Because we're driven people we're trying From every single aspect every single Thing and if you're not driven yet it's Time to wake up they are going to Succeed from low energy low Health low Aldi sync if you want to be successful In this area of life making money you Gotta be successful of all areas of life Which means it's time to wake up get off The couch yeah gets all the sync how you Do one thing life how you do all things In life that's why you see very few like

People at the top who are not healthy And people who are healthy they all just Kind of go together but most people like One Thing slip and the next the next Next they know they're 40 50 years old And and they're they're asleep right It's time to wake up that's big ski so Start small if you're not getting up at The time you want to get up you're not Getting up early start there start doing That it's hard yeah everything's hard Yeah it is so that's why it's worth a Lot I'm on day six of our event I am so Tired dancing around making video Together I'm like no but we're gonna do It because like we're gonna sell more Click funnels accounts gonna serve more People and like yeah I don't feel like a Lot of times I don't feel like this Morning coming in but I'm here I got up Out of bed I woke up because I got Something bigger than myself I have a Mission I have other people I'm trying To serve trying to do something amazing And so you do that by getting Uncomfortable and just doing it

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