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All right so I just launched a video About seven different income streams and I forgot to mention the most important Part of building a million dollar Business which is traffic right you're Like yes the business is important the Business type the offers and what you Actually choose to sell is important it Has to be in demand higher profit Margins all those things but if you have This thing wrong then none of that Matters because nobody's gonna see it And nobody's gonna buy it right so the Thing that is most important is Obviously traffic the big question is Though where do you get the traffic Because if I wanted to sell you know ice Cream and hot dogs I would go to local Sports events I would go there and I Would just put up my stand and be like Hey here's a hot dog it's the best hot Dog in the in the city and then here's Lemonade and all these things right but With an online business you're like I Know these communities out there but It's their traffic and I can't just go In there and spam people so how do I get Traffic and how do I build my own Community my own business and so let's Take a look at mine The main business right now or the main Traffic Source I should say is is a Combination of the front-end and back End so front-end we have YouTube right

Where I'm like what are some good Content piece I can put out that hooks People in and then gets people to Consume more of the videos and it's Evergreen is compounding over time right And then the second one is Facebook Where people have built other Communities and you know some of them Are around a software we have click Funnels and we have kajabi we have like All these platforms and then we also Have Niche specific so we have online Business owners we have course creator This and sometimes I've invested in Courses and so therefore I'm a part of More maybe premium business owner Existing business owners who are like Already investing in themselves some Like these people already buying why are They not buying from me so I look at What other people are doing and I'm not Trying to hijack or go in and you know There's a quote someone said is we're Peers not prospects right so I'm not Looking to go in and look at people as Prospects but that can be my peers as Well right especially if I can help them In real estate they talk about other People's money leveraging OPM other People's money in business we talk about Opa other people's audiences or Communities so I look at communities I'm Like okay my profile has to definitely Be optimized so that when I friend

Request the more messages the more post Valuable content in the groups they Check my profile they look at it and say Okay this is definitely a person that I Would want to connect with so you look At values you look at your personal your Picture is it you smiling looking Friendly or is it you with not even you In the picture just your dog right even Though your dog might be cute but it's Like they're not gonna connect with that Dog right unless they're a dog fanatic So I look at every piece of the profile We got the profile picture we got the Banner we got the bio we got the content We got the messaging and the Subconscious messaging through the Visuals right which is why like I said The image is so important the profile Picture being you being professional and Not a blurry pixelated picture from 2017. so now they're from other people's Communities through my profile now I go Okay how do I build a community because They obviously they're successful they Built a community around this software Around this industry how do I do the Same so there's two ways to do that as Well on the front end still which is one Of them is just having 5 000 Facebook Friends or getting to ten thousand YouTube subscribers or getting a Thousand Twitter followers or 10 000 Instagram followers and just having sort

Of your news feeds as like hey here's Personal content here's business content Here's how-to tutorials here's a case Study here's a visual funnel here's my Portfolio and hopefully you'll be Interested enough to you know trust me And follow me and then when you need Something buy it from me at least reach Out ask for prices examples and kind of Take it a step further towards the sale But then more importantly I'm like okay Now I can create a community where it's Gonna grow by itself because of the People who are in there and yes I'll be In there with valuable content and sort Of run the community but I'm not the one That's doing everything because we're All in this this we're like interested In the same topics we're like we're Interested in business growth through Sales funnels right so we're building This community we're posting about new Tools AI is coming out with this so now It's a UI Auto designer tool and it's This and that and like all these things We're discussing it because I'm the Community founder I'm also positioned as An authority and because my results my Portfolio and everything also have Credibility so now my personal brand is Growing as the community is growing but That's still just the front-end web YouTube Facebook Instagram all these Things right that's hooks getting people

Into the ecosystem how do I nurture and Sell to them if I want to have a Business we talked about the income Streams in another video from the funnel Agency which is done for you we have Done with you which is more Consulting And coaching and then done for you is Templates and courses so then I create Freebies and I do these like hand Raisers where I say hey who wants an Ebook about Ai and funnels how to use it There's 100 prompts just comment me or Info or funnel prompt and when hundreds Of people commenting I got a thousand Two hundred leads in 48 hours doing this And so I do these like every once in a While a few per month and sometimes it Could be hey here's a free funnel Template and you can notice that the Language is always here's a free thing It's not trying to sell you I'm trying To qualify you right because if you want Something that is free but it's within This industry right so if I'm a personal Trainer I could say here's a free recipe For this visuals of it a juicy looking Uh sorry the cookies or whatever it is It's like that's crazy like what's the Recipe you send the recipe and now You've qualified me you know I want more Of that I want to be healthy and get Delicious food anyways long story short I put out hand Racers to qualify people And now when they download it they're on

My email list and you know in the email List I can now build up I have 8 000 People as of today but just with a Thousand people I can close 500 100 200 And I have a charge a thousand to five Thousand per client then you can see Kind of how much I can make with just a Thousand people so if you're asking me You have 5 000 Facebook friends you have All these Facebook groups with hundreds Of thousands of people in them so you Can just go in there get 5000 on your Profile just nurture those get a Thousand on an email list and then you Make offer offers to the email list so Social media is to hook people in your Profile your news feed is to nurture People qualify them and then with these Hand raisers and then get people to the Email list and in messenger and Instagram DMS and that's where you ask People questions not in a way where it's Like oh how much do you want to make in A year and sell them on the dream but More so okay you know this is what I've Done I know I can help you I'm not Desperate if we're a good fit we can Work together we'd love to see more kind Of what you do first to make sure I can Help and then when they say you know Here's kind of what I'm looking for You'd be like yep totally I can Definitely do that and that's when They're like okay how much is it you

Tell the price you agree on a deal you Send the invoice it's one-on-one and you Don't have to spend money on ads you Don't have to do any of this crazy stuff You get traffic from other people you Build your own ecosystem Community YouTube email list and then you scale Your business from there to a million Dollars sounds complicated but it's not That hard it only requires is good daily Habits that lead you forward one percent Forward a little bit better every single Day

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