I WILL succeed if I don’t quit

I will succeed eventually if I do not Quit either I will die before I am Successful or I will succeed those are The variables I get asked a handful of Times on interviews like did you always Know you're going to be successful and The answer is I thought it would happen Eventually I know that if I keep working More than everyone else does on a long Enough time Horizon I'll win and I was Willing to give up and sacrifice more Than most people were to achieve that And so I always thought about it in Terms like what I'm willing to sacrifice Other people willing to sacrifice other People wanted to have girlfriends some People wanted to have kids other people Wanted to have you know side hustles People wanted to follow sports teams People want to play Fantasy whatever it I didn't have any of those I never had The side Hobbies I still don't have side Hobbies I love business and it's what I Do every day I think it's reasonable for Me to believe that if I do more than Everyone else does for a long period of Time and a very narrow subject I will Get good and if I get good I'll succeed And so as long as I don't quit then the Only possible outcome besides dying is Succeed

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