I would go to bed hoping I don’t wake up

I was so incredibly depressed that I Wanted to not wake up every day so I Would go to bed hoping that I wouldn't Wake up and I knew that I was not Satisfied with the job that I wanted I Knew that I wanted to start a business The conclusion that I had to come to for Me to make this move despite my father Who had a tremendous amount of influence Over me was I can either die to him or I Can die to me and so I knew that by Leaving this path and quitting and then Starting a gym especially in the Middle Eastern world where you can be a doctor An accountant you know I mean me being In business was already like kind of I Was pre-med originally because his plan For me was I was going to take over his Practice and it made sense on paper the Guy makes a million bucks a year I get The argument but I would have been dead Inside the entire time and I would have Been in prison for my whole life when I Did make that move we barely spoke and It was only after not only that I had Made more money and then made more money Than he'd ever made he did the dynamic Shift to one where he respected what I Had done and it took probably almost a Decade

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