Why guys live in their basement to play video games

I have the belief that all humans are Addicted the question is what are we Addicted to I am addicted to the Dopamine Rush that I get or the Serotonin whatever from lots of grit and Then payoff right understand that cycle Well and so I like to play it as many Times as I can you get the most amount Of gains in a new skill in the first 20 Hours like learning it you want to learn The guitar you want to learn sing you Want to learn a cold call first 20 hours The problem is that people will wait Years to start the first hour because They're so afraid of that of the pain of Not being good enough some of this 7 Million that you're talking about also Have an addiction but they got addicted To something that was not pro-social or It's not per work and so to your point About the video games in the basement They are addicted to that and they do Get dopamine in a way that is superior To anything that happens in the real World and it's being enabled by the Parents that continue to subsidize that Addiction

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