If it fails, it’s not you…the MESSAGE was wrong!!

I spent two years on a mission for my Church knocking on doors which first Couple doors it is the scariest thing in The world I'm in Jersey they drop you Off some random street I mean this place Called Carney's Point New Jersey so Going in first door the guy with he Knocks on door and does the thing and Next door's like hey you're up and I'm Like I don't know what to say like I'm Scared to death I'm like this 19 year Old kid scared by like I've knocked on The door someone comes out and this lady Starts I'm like I can't even say I can't give a Word out of it she slams the door of my Face I'm like oh I'm like I'm really bad So I turned around awesome hard drives By and they honk you feel good away from Me how to turn around they're honking And there's three people flipping me off Out of the car window and I'm like There's like five minutes of me being in Jersey I'm like this is horrible but Then I had to go to the next one and Knock again for two years of that like And what's interesting is like I I built Up this ability to like dissociate Myself with the outcome like if it fails It's not me it's the message was wrong Right like if I knock on the door and They don't hear us because they don't Want to hear the message it's not that They hate me even though they told me

They hate me to my face

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