Instapage Vs ClickFunnels – Which one is best for you?

Hey Richard here I want to show you a Comparison between instapage and Clickfunnels what are the different Features and what is gonna be right for You and be the best solution for your Business so we’ve actually used one of These software’s to put 20,000 pounds Nearly in our business and we just did 1,300 pounds in a day and when I took This screenshot using one of these Softwares I’ll tell you which one and How as we go through this video let’s Start with installations that’s the type I’ve got open so with instapage you’re Basically looking at a landing page Creator only is it at its core offering So it says here a landing page platform Now what is a landing page you probably Already know if you’re watching this Video you know you’ll go to a website or You’ll click on an advert and it’ll say Hey enter your email and I will give you This it’s like a PDF or a gift or Watching a video or basically you want To gather their information before you Show the offer so you have the ability To build a list and market to that list In the future or follow up with that Potential customer right it’s a smart Way of doing business but that’s where It ends with instapage you know k you You don’t you can’t build what’s called A sales funnel so you can literally say Hey give me your information for this.

Okay thank you very much and that’s the End of the transaction in terms of what Instapage will do for you which is which Is good you know you need most people Would benefit just from having that Additional feature in their business as Opposed to just showing the offer direct But what attracted me to click funnels Was the additional options that you’ve Got so for example if you look down here At something like a squeeze page funnel That is basically what you’ve got and Its entirity this one little area here In its entirety and instapage the Ability for you to generate lead with a Simple two-step to page funnel an opt-in Page and a thank-you page that that’s it There’s many different templates in fact If I just click on it there’s all these Pre done templates for you that you can Pick from whichever one you like best You know change the colors change the Wording change the pictures just drag And drop whatever you want in there link Up your offer link up your product you Can do anything you want inside of there Very quickly when you first log in here They’ll give you an orientation video Which walks you through how to do this So I hadn’t done anything like this Before and I can I can knock these Together very very quickly now but the Additional offers you have on here Marketing channels you have available

All furrows have allowed us to put a lot Of income in our into our business for Example one that we use a lot is where Is it gone the automated webinar follow Here we go so if I click click select Funnel if I can say it properly you can See her this five pages in a row which Will be pre-built for you so if you were To try and piece this together using Something like instapage you’d have to Create a series of individual pages and Then try and link them one to the other To the other and it’s very very Difficult to be able to do that in fact It’s not even possible some of the Features whereas if you look at this if You look at click funnels you could Quite simply take any video that you’ve Got and one who uses a webinar as a web Class and drop it into their pages and It will make it look as though it’s live Every single time They’ll pre create for you a webinar Registration page hey thanks for Checking out my page for the webinar X Y Zed whatever you name it do you want to Select 2:00 p.m. 4 p.m. 6 p.m. select Your time zone okay thank you for Registering here’s a confirmation page You could maybe make a special offer on That to cover the cost of your marketing Then there’s a live page as a replay Page and then there’s these in what call Indoctrination pages which allow you to

Then build value and confidence and if Seen kind of mop up a few extra sales Now these would be all pre-built with This you click to build it and then all These five pages are already there in a Row linking to the next one you don’t Have to faff around or mess around with That you just change the wording and the Appearance and drop your video in now That isn’t open to you and instapage and I’m sure already you can see how that Would be a great feature to have and You’ve got you know you can do surveys You can do funnels where you build up Your own personal brand you’ve got a Storefront so if you want to have an E-commerce aspect people can buy from You inside of click funnels and you Could also integrate PayPal all those Kind of things if you wanted to you Could launch a product give them various Pieces of information and then make an Offer for them to buy at the end you Could bridge between different offers You can promote a live event have them Register for a ticket have them buy the Ticket deliver the ticket all automated There’s all sorts of different options I Could go through here and I just think It’s better to have it and not need it Maybe right now then not have it and Want to need it and this is what I saw The problem was with with Software like instapage as like you know

What even though right now I’m making a Simple offer it’s I’m going to want to Do that stuff at some point right I’m Going to want to have them look at a Presentation without me having to do it One on one I’m going to want to have Some kind of automation in my business I’m going to want them them to buy Products from me buy services from you Know all these kind of good things so This for me was a smart choice because I Didn’t want to have to learn two things And I knew I would very quickly progress From doing something where I say hey put Your email in here and get this to all This other kind of good stuff even if You want to have someone do that for you In your business you can give them Access right so we use the webinar Funnel we have it automated it looks Like it’s live every Thursday we make Sales on the Thursday to Sunday period We give them a special offer we shut it Down we market it again Monday Tuesday Wednesday so we follow that process That’s how we’ve added quite a chunk of Change into our business at least it is For us 20 grand is a good chunk of money For us I mean I think what else when you Click on the link you’ll see across the Screen you can take a trial with Clickfunnels So if you see this as a smart option for You you can go into that link it will

Take you to this page first the video May be differently sometimes updated Click the green button there’s two Different options you can take the first One everything I showed you today is Inside of here if you want to be able to Automate email follow-up if you want to Affiliate what you’ve got so let’s say For example you want to sell a product Or a service or generate leads and have Other people do that for you maybe run a Competition for the most registrations Or offer affiliates you know Competitions for opt-ins and stuff I’m Going to pause that then you can do that With this option or if you just want to Build the funnels like I showed you the Lead capture pages that’s this option Here definitely take a look once you’ve Made that selection it’s free for 14 Days you don’t pay anything definitely Take a look at that orientation video That they show you it’s very very good It makes it very simple and clear to Understand and you can build a funnel Straightaway by going through that video So you can actually have something out There in the next 24 hours you know Working for your business to generate Leads or making product sales just just By watching that orientation video and Having this free trial account so you Can walk through it take a trial of it You stretch it out have a good look at

It you know stretch your legs inside of It look at all the features from the Inside before you have to pay a penny Which is my recommendation Jim it’s the Way I started to I generated a funnel I Was like man that was easy I got some Opt-ins I made a couple of sales I was Like okay this is paid for itself Already and that’s how I decided to jump In with click for all so I hope this Video has helped you I hope you found it Informative I hope you reveal what is The best option for you in your business If you have any more questions you can Email me Richard Richard Mathur lucam I’ll stick this trial link and my email In the description beneath this video so If you have any additional questions I’ll be happy to help you with that so You can see success in your business to Go create daily life that counts always Have more desires and excuses and hope You’ve enjoyed this video bye for now.

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