IRONMAN PREP 2020: lactate test & workout program

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] All right So today is an exciting day we’re doing A lactate test So we’re gonna test my performance my Conditioning i’m gonna test my Like lactate levels i don’t know we’ll Uh we’ll see Because i hired the best endurance coach That i could find In this area probably in finland too so I’m excited let’s see how it goes i’m Not expecting too much from the actual Results Of my test i’m more so excited for him For my coach To get the test so that he can customize A training program for me So what i do when i hire people in a Business i hire someone for a specific Thing Like teach me this thing and i’ll pay You because you have that experience and I don’t want to learn that You know go through the struggle to Figure it out and so i do the same thing With Iron man i do the same thing with my Health now my fitness because I’m like i’m going to an endurance coach

To help me Finalize and complete an ironman and Train for it for a year and it did the Same thing For you know stretching and Supplements and and my nutrition as well And yeah that’s kind of how i think when When it comes to hiring coaches so i’m Excited for you to see Not the results but to see the Customized training that comes from The results that we get today so i’m Excited let’s get it All right so we’re here and it looks Like if you look at those clouds It looks like we might have rain but i’m Not sure so Let’s see i can see my coach is here That’s eric stewart’s car So excited [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Me I can explain a little bit what we’re Doing he’s Running two laps at a certain heart rate Then i’m measuring his blood lactate With This device high blood lactate means That he’s working hard And the body is producing lactate and Using these

Values i can identify his training zones So for example what his heart rate and And running pace should be when he’s Running a Long and slow distance and what it Should be when he’s running Intervals and also we can track progress So in Maybe two months we will do this again And then we can see Has his lactate come down and uh And his times got better and then and Then we can Make new training songs for for the next Training period so this is a way to Individualize his training and Make his training correct according to His own Physiology Now it’s starting to feel fun but also Heavy so don’t talk [Music] All right so we’re doing two laps Maximum speed To see the the roof yes the ceiling yeah [Music] Uh i can hover back Ah What a headache that was crazy So normally i would have gone two laps But i died like one and a half ish This headache all right so we finished The lactate test Big thank you to eric and uh let them

Know where they can find You and more information information About what you do Yeah i have a website And there you can find the information About me So far the website is only in swedish But Maybe in the future i will also have one In english So sweet yeah right thank you again Tomorrow i’m gonna have a meeting with Him we’re gonna see the results i’m Gonna customize A training program for 365. in one year We’re doing an ironman And now i have the coach to do it so Thank you again we’ll see you soon All right we got the results back thank You eric for Doing that test that was a lot of fun so Here’s what this means I’m going to try my best but just a Quick disclaimer i have no idea what any Of this means Except for some of the anaerobic versus Aerobic Thresholds but when i have this and i Need to explain it to you A little bit tricky but let’s try so my Aerobic threshold is 145 My minute per kilometer was 8 minutes And 30 seconds Which means that sometimes i even have

To have to walk to keep my heartbeat My heart rate at 145 okay And uh the goal was to keep it at 140. So 140. I had to walk a little bit then i was Running i was like i had to slow down And that was uh that was that sucks That’s embarrassing because The goal is here to transform my body And Be able to run at a rate where i can Keep my Heart beat and my heart rate to an Aerobic threshold because when i can do That And you’ll see here when we go up to 165 Which is my anaerobic threshold I’m gonna produce a lot of lactic Acid which means that my my legs are Gonna feel heavy My body’s gonna consume more from my Carbs Versus my my fat my my body fat And my fat storage when you’re doing an Iron man it’s not a race who who’s the Faster Fastest or how fast you can go it’s a Race to preserve energy as long as Possible i already Said this in another video and so with This one we’re trying to get My body to run at a rate where i can go As quickly as possible while keeping my Heart rate below the anaerobic threshold

So that i’m not producing too much Lactic acid okay so hopefully that makes Sense So the goal here is to work out Between 145 to 165 To you know basically build a body that Can handle mass training that’s the Entire goal So for the next four weeks i’m just Gonna be doing a lot of biking I’m gonna do a little bit of running but I’m gonna do that one two three Kilometers per time And again i can do that plus bike and i Can do that plus Core training uh i told my wife today Have you you noticed I’ve already you know lost a little bit Right here in my My face and she’s like yeah you might be Right you might be right So imagine if i was still 90 kilograms When i’m doing an ironman My legs would suffer more they would be Heavier And i will have more injuries and Chances of getting an injury Because my my body is heavier so we’re Trying to lose weight and i’ll get to That in a second And we’re trying to push my overall Conditioning To be able to run at 145 To 165 and and try to do that

A lot so that i can run faster without Pushing the actual heart rate if that Makes sense There’s five intensity zones we got 120 to 132 which is gu1 Stands for basic endurance Low intensity active recovery you know Walking that sort of stuff and we got 133 to 145 heart Beats per minute and that one like it’s The same thing But i can do 30 minutes to A 120 minute exercise in that range Then we got speed endurance so this is Like mid Intensive and this one i can do between 146 To 165 so i can do a distance Like 20 minute to 60 minute workout so I’m doing a lot of the 20 to 60 minute with the bike right now Then In winter i’m gonna do more running Start swimming And biking inside as well but i don’t Think the actual Running is gonna be a lot until we move To like January mar uh january february march Maybe april may Um and yes we’ll we’ll step it up Gradually But right now we’re first transforming My body my overall health

Then number four the intensity zone Number four is the threshold training so This is where you’re pushing your body And moving that threshold even further Especially With speed so this is 166 to 184 Uh beats per minute this is where i’m Gonna be doing later Maybe i know three six nine months in I’m gonna be doing more intervals Uh 20 to 40 minute and then we have the Max endurance Um high intensity training at one for 185 To 203 beats per minute and that’s Intervals One to five minute trainings so I hate those and that’s why i love them Because Intervals is so much fun it goes fast You can feel the pain You embrace it like nick bear would say You embrace the suck That’s pretty much it he says well done Now we have the The overall big picture here right now What you have to work on Is a lot of endurance training to just Get your body used to training And that’s the boring work just like in Any business It’s the boring work of doing the one Thing that moves the business forward And do it repetitively even if sometimes

That sucks because you want to do Everything else and watch youtube videos And it’s so much fun for me to learn These things Because i see a lot of patterns here That i see in business as well So let me give you an example now if i Just went all in i said i’m going to do This I’m going to train super hard and i was Just i was unaware of Any of my thresholds my body’s overall Physique Not tracking sleep or recovery not doing Anything like that I would just burn out my body would Break i would get injuries So just like that you know in business The same thing because If you’re just going into business not Having the right tools Skills strategy i mean you could be Working hard but you’re working on the Wrong things And then you end up saying this is not Working for me i don’t know What i’m doing wrong because i’m Obviously putting in the work so that’s Why you hear a lot of people say work Smarter not harder And i think they should be doing both Which is what i’m doing Here as well so that’s a winning formula Right there but

Today premier league starts again and I’m able to Start watching football again so that’s Awesome Soccer for you u.s citizens so that’s it For this video Uh if you are not already subscribed Make sure that you hit subscribe Turn those post notifications on and Smash the like button Um welcome on the journey we’re gonna Get to becoming an iron man And i can’t wait to keep document Everything for you So excited for you to be here i’m out of Here I got problems with problems or problems Some problems on problems and problems That’s over my brother The pressure be calling left on my Blessings i feel like i’m falling the Birdies back Tell me i’m garbage i’m going through Something that’s why i ain’t calling Phone and progression is all that i Wanted

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