My Thoughts on Online Courses

I'm a huge huge huge huge proponent of Alternative education I love the Education businesses I Love Guru Businesses I love them comma as long as They're being done well really focused On the product and the customer I love That and fundamentally like viewer Businesses are just education businesses And they are sprouting all over the Place because the demand is unmet by the Formal education system the demand is For skills that make money and so in one Good way I think Instagram and all that Stuff has made more people believe that They can do it the downside is obviously Whenever you have upside you've got an Equal opposite reaction of people who Are scamming people and things like that I think that the difference between a Scam and somebody who is trying to Deliver is intention I think there are Many well-hearted or well-intentioned Educators who are really trying to do a Good job but they are poor teachers just Like there are people who love to teach Who are teachers and we're terrible at Teaching math and you probably had them But they really wanted to help and they Just weren't that good at it and so I Have a little bit more of a heart for For both sides of the equation here but I do think that education is the way

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