Next Steps After Contacts in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn “Next Steps After Contacts In ClickFunnels 2.0”.

With the Education team and in today’s Video I’m going to talk about the next Steps after contacts After completing this course you’ll be Able to answer the following questions Wise having contacts important Second how can you categorize your Contacts and lastly what would you like To do for the next steps What you’ll need to finish this lesson Is to complete the previous lessons in This module You’ve learned about contacts in this Lesson The first step is knowing how to save Contacts that visits your page After that you will choose the way to Segregate those contacts You can use lists tags segments and Groups to categorize our contacts and Share specific information with each one After finishing all the lessons in this Module You should be able to know what contacts Is and why it is important to collect Their information Know the required elements to store Those contacts in your clickfunnels Account Know about lists tags segments and Lastly groups Once you know the contact module’s

Basics you can build your opt-in page With the required elements to save your Contacts You can also select how to organize your Contacts according to your business Needs Your next steps should be to review what You learned in this module about Contacts When you’re ready you can move on to the Next modules Just a quick recap It is important to collect your visitors Information They can become possible buyers for your Products An email input field and a button to Submit are required to save the contacts Information Contacts can be categorized in lists Groups or segments according to their Actions You can also add specific tags to your Contacts and lastly once you have your Contacts separated you can send specific Information to one of them Thank you so much for watching this Video if you have any other questions About this lesson please feel free to Reach out to our awesome customer Support team have a great day ahead.

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