No Customers? Here’s What to Do Next

What if I have no customers how can I do This survey and reverse segmentation of The customers to figure all this stuff Out there's a reason that y combinator One of the best startup incubators out There picks Founders who have past Experience in the industry that they're Trying to pursue because there's a lot Of depth of experience that just comes Through osmosis from being in an Industry for a long period of time you'd Be amazed that if your father was a Mechanic how much you know about cars Just by growing up in a household where Your father does a certain thing we Always want to pick the people that we Feel like we can serve the most and Create the most value for so if you were Like I don't know I have three different Backgrounds it's like okay well of those Three different people which of those Subsets do you think you could help the Most that's the person you should help Because if you can help that person the Most it means that you can charge the Most and ultimately make the most money If you're worried about like wouldn't That mean I'm only going to be able to Serve a very narrow customer that's the Point because you're not going to try And compete with the biggest companies In the world who already have all the Operational infrastructure to crush you You're just going to say I'm going to go

Laser focused on this one person and I Think that I could be the best company In the world at this tiny slice

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