Organizing Courses With Modules and Lessons in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn How To “Organizing Courses With Modules and Lessons in ClickFunnels 2.0”.

Hi there it’s Matthew with the Clickfunnels Education team In this video I’m going to go over Organizing your courses with modules and Lessons by the end of this video you’ll Know why it’s important to organize your Courses How to create a new module And how to add new lessons to your Modules Before getting started you’ll need an Active clickfunnels 2.0 account And you’ll need access to the courses Section of that account You’ll also need to have a course Created in your click funnels account So why is it important to organize the Content of your course Imagine taking a course and trying to Read very long paragraphs or Pages full Of information would you like to Continue with that course Probably not It’s very important to simplify and Organize the content of your course your Learners will find the information easy To read and understand it is recommended To divide the information of your course Into themes and sub themes that will Make it easier to follow Those themes and sub themes can be added To your click funnels course as modules

And lessons So to get started we’re going to need to Access an existing course in our account Here so we click on site and funnels Go to courses And then click on the title of the Course you would like to add your Modules and lessons to and from here if You scroll down you can click on the add New module button Give your module a title or name Give your module a description next you Have the current path for the module This is automatically generated based on The title that you gave your module However it can be changed manually here If you’d like beneath this you can Expand the image settings here for the Thumbnail image you can click on the Select image button And choose a thumbnail image for your Module To save these changes you can click on The create module button otherwise click On the discard changes button to cancel The creation of the module let’s go Ahead and create this module now now to Add lessons to this module we’ve just Created you’ll click on the add Component icon which is this plus icon Here next to the module And then click on the add lesson button All right now you’ll need to choose a Title for the lesson here you can see

The URL for this specific lesson right Here and again it’s generated based on The title you’ve selected And it can be manually changed if you Would like Next is the thumbnail image you can Click on expand image settings here to Select An image for this lesson Next you can add audio settings to this Lesson so if you click expand audio Settings You can select an audio file that you’ve Uploaded to your assets here on the drop Down menu Next you have video settings if you Click expand video settings here you’ll Have the option to select a video by Clicking the select video button Which will again open up your video Gallery and give you the option to Upload a video if you do not have any Uploaded yet You’ll have the option to select a video Here to apply to this lesson When you’re done making changes to this Lesson’s settings go ahead and click on The create lesson button otherwise to Discard the lesson and cancel its Creation click on the discard changes Button We’re going to go ahead and create this Lesson now And you can see we have a module and a

Lesson within that module now Another way to add modules and lessons To your course is using the customize Button from the course screen here It’s from the top right of the screen Click on the customize button Now on the left menu you’ll see the plus Symbol next to the course content Right here if you click on that you can Add a new module It’ll be the same options that you got On the course dashboard when you are Creating a new module just before Similarly if you hover over a module on The left menu here You’ll see that the plus icon appears Next to that and you can add a component And click add lesson To add a lesson directly to that module From the editor And again it’s the same screen and same Options that were provided on the Previous screen For the for adding a lesson from the Course dashboard itself All right and that’s all there is to Adding modules and lessons to your Courses feel free to explore your course Section follow the steps from this Lesson to try to create your modules and Lessons that you’d like for your course Also take a look at the content of the Course and try to divide it into Categories and themes that you can put

Into your modules and individual lessons Some of the key takeaways for this Lesson are that a course with organized Content will be easy to read and Understand for the learners You can divide the content of your Course into themes in the sub themes Those themes and sub themes can be added To your click funnels course as modules And lessons Please be sure to check out the next Lessons and courses and watch the videos In those for more details and Information Thanks for watching have a great day.

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