OTO Upsell Step By Step Guide in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn how to do “OTO Upsell Step By Step Guide in ClickFunnels 2.0”.

With the ClickFunnels Education team and In this video I will walk you through Step by step on how to create a sales Funnel that includes an one-time offer Upsell Well let’s say you have selected Sales page with an order form right you Can either select one of the templates We have or created from scratch When you have selected an order form Type page you will see this governance Sign if Um this step expects products to be Attached and there’s none attached at The moment So if you click here You will be able to add a product If we click here in the add a product Button you will see the existing Products and you can also add a new Product which I will do at this time This will open the products tab right Here on the left hand side menu and you Will be ready to add a product here So let’s add product one And create a product we select a digital Physical or bundle product You want to show this for example the Price name you can set Um Product one sale Offer

Right The amount will be 10 US Dollars compare Ad amount like If you had physical products you can use This and the broadcast is this will be Used if you’re selling Um or reselling products let’s say you Are Drop Shipping and you can add that Product here Then you can create the price Or you select uh also you select one Time or subscription there right So we have one product here Then we will be able to go back to the Funnel to the funnel tab click the same Warning button add the product and we Will have the product one here so let’s Use this one And then you will see these Monitor computer screen and that will Let you know that you have added this Product And here you can add an order Bump by Dragging and dropping this at this time We are not adding one Then here Um here’s how the upsell or one-time Offer Works in Click funnels 2.0 I just Added let me add it from scratch Let’s remove this step And to add an Oto or upsell step we will Click the plus sign here We will select a page And we will select a new page in this

Case okay you can select an order page That is already done Or a new page in this case just for the Sake of this example I will select a new Page Let’s call this Oto Upsell Product And we don’t want to Index this one just Because we don’t want people to find our Our Oto page Let’s create this page And Let’s go to the editor so the only thing Or the the way to add a upsell is adding A new section You can select the number of columns Here obviously you you will have your Copy and your Page design here right so the Only element we actually need in this Page is an order element and it is a Checkout element so we will be using the Same element that we’re using in the Sales page And I will tell you why in a moment We go to settings here and there are Several things that can be added here This can be Um Customize a lot right so we have two Checkout States we have the guest site Which is when you are Selling this to a new customer that is

Only your lead at the at the time Or someone interested in buying your Products for the first time we have the Save state which is when someone has Already paid and has their card and Billing details on file right so On Guess State we can change the title For the three steps we have we have Select your product we have contact Information and we have payment Information so we’re using the same Checkout page just to save the sales and This is really important we are wanting To save the sale in case Uh for example you you are upselling Something that is one thousand dollars Or 9.97 or 49.97 or such and the customer needs to Use a different card And that won’t have enough on it so he Has to change cards or change address Um so that’s why we are using this Checkout elements still right and we Have the save element here so here you Can Do a couple of things you can Remove the product select or or hide it Rather you can Select the input settings here Or hiding you can Hide the order Bump by the way order Bumps are not used in one-time offers or Upsell pages You can remove the summary and you can

Just leave these details or whatever you Want and you can change what the link Says here right Um we have the breadcrumbs browsing here So if you’re click in one of the Elements and you can change it you can Change everything so the link is no I Don’t want this and you can make it Super big large medium and you can Change the The text here right And to go back to the checkout we click Here and we’re back here Right so basically and you can customize Everything but when we have saved Um the save view on the checkout State You will see that this is the button Right that is Um That is going to be clicked When the customers want to take Want to take you up on your one-time Offer So for the sake of this example I will Unhide everything I will show everything Right but now you know that everything Can be customized and can be Um Hidden here So I will save this And we will Go back to our funnel flow here and when A checkout form is on the page you will See the same warning this wasn’t here

Before because we didn’t have the Checkout element on the page so same Thing we will add a product And I will create a new product Here it’s a digital product it’s a Oto Upsell And I will create the product I will select that as a one time or Subscription right now I want a one-time Product Oto apps Oto well one time offer Let’s let’s Um Use that one and these will be ninety Seven dollars Let’s create a price And it’s ready to be added obviously if You want an image of the product you can Add it here you can add a description And Um You can add it also to the customer Center when you create a product right These are all the product settings that You can change later actually if you Come here to the products tab on the Navigation menu on the left hand side Going to all products and finding the Oto option If we go back we will be able to see all The products here So let’s go back to the funnel and add It here on the Oto

Step We click here we click add a product and Now we will see the options to add the Product here obviously this image can be Added in the product settings like I Told you before but we will choose it For now now the product is already here The formal flow is complete now let’s go And Um So the funnel is in test mode by default You can change that in the settings here Settings button here right you can Always put it on live mode or test mode When test mode is on you will highlight The Jazz button here and update the Funnel now let’s test the funnel To do so we will open the funnel Link in A new incognito window it is always Recommended to Um open the testing links on an Incognito window that is to Test the funnel as if your customer was Visiting your funnel for the first time So let’s open this Um Funnel in the incognito window it will Redirect us to the order form one so Here’s the first product we added we Will click next and obviously you can Edit this like I told you before So let me fill the contact information Real quick Okay now that I I have added my contact

Information here is it is always Recommended to test our funnels with a Unique email address to do so you don’t Have to create a new email address or to Use an entirely different email address For example I am using my gmail address Here my testing Gmail address and what You can do to make it unique is to add a Plus and an identification for this Specific purchase this will help you Find this specific contact and purchase In Click funnels 2.0 Okay now that I have added this Identification Um I will click next and you will see Here that you can put your card number And the product selected Let’s copy that test card number here Paste it here We will be using any Expiration date in the future and any Three number CVV Now let’s click submit And we should land in the click funnels Oto upsell page that we added to the Funnel flow We’re here and as you can see Um we didn’t hide the shipping shipping Address right you can hide it though Um so here is let’s say you have your Oto page and you have the checkout Element you will see this this is the Audio upsell and this is the one-time

Offer sale that we set we set Um so this is a text you can add to the Product settings And here’s the part I mentioned before That this is in case a customer needs to Add a different card or to save the sale If the same card that the customer used In the First checkout page order form Um don’t doesn’t work right So in this case I’m gonna use the same Card and I will I will be required to Um to do to Fill this up Now that I fill this up and you may want To test hiding this if you hide it it Won’t be required but if you then your Customer will click pay And everything will turn green Submitting is going ahead and you will See the thank you page that we have Selected So this is how you create a funnel with A product with an Oto or one-time offer Upsell and please let us know if you Have further questions we’re happy to Help if you contact our support Department Again this is Carlos with the Clickfunnels Education team and I wish You have a great day.

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