Creating and Editing Your Lessons in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn the best way to “Creating and Editing Your Lessons in ClickFunnels 2.0”.

Hey there it’s Matthew with the Clickfunnels Education team in this Lesson I’m going to go over how you can Add lessons to your modules And why you would want to add lessons to Your modules As well as how you can edit existing Lessons So to follow along with this video You’re going to need an active Clickfunnels 2.0 account And you’ll need access to the courses Section of that account you’ll also need A course created and at least one module Added to that course All right and so classifying your course Into modules and lessons will help your Learners understand the content better This lesson will cover how to add the Content of your course into lessons Once you have a module created you’ll See the option to add lessons to it you Can add all the needed text and images Or videos in one lesson So the first thing we’ll need to do in Our click funnels account is go to our Course that we’re adding this lesson to So it’s going to be inside some funnels Courses And click on the title for the course And you’ll see in this course I have a Module already

I also have an existing lesson but we’re Going to show you how you can actually Add a new lesson right now To do that you just click on the add Component icon here Next to the module It’s this plus icon And then click on ADD lesson Okay and here you’re going to add a Title to your lesson And just beneath that you’ll see the Current path which is the path to this Specific lesson This is going to be automatically Generated based on the title you Provided otherwise you can edit this Here manually if you’d like to do so Next you can use the thumbnail image Section by expanding image settings here And then you’ll be able to select the Image for this lesson this is just going To be a thumbnail image for this Specific lesson Next you can add audio settings by Clicking expand audio settings And you’ll have the option to select an Audio file from your assets by clicking On the drop down menu here And at the bottom here you’re going to See the video settings similar to the Audio settings you can expand the video Settings by clicking on the text here And this time you’ll be presented with a Select video button where you can click

On that to upload or select a video from Your video gallery to associate that Video with this lesson All right and once you’ve changed these Settings to your liking click on the Create lesson button Otherwise to discard this lesson just Click on the discard changes button We’re going to click on create lesson Now And you’ll see a notification that the Lesson was successfully created and You’ll see it down here in your list of Lessons beneath the module you chose Lessons can also be added from within The course template editor You click on the customize button in the Top right of the page here Will be taken to the editor On the left side of the screen you’re Going to see the course content which Includes modules that you’ve created So find the module that you want to add A new lesson to hover over it and you’ll See the component icon appear again So click on the add component icon and Click on ADD lesson and the settings You’re going to see here are the same Exact settings as we just saw when Adding a new lesson from the course page Itself So you can fill out any information You’d like and then click on the create Lesson button to create that new lesson

Directly from within the editor Otherwise you can discard changes and Not add the lesson at all all right and Next we’re going to show you how you can Edit the lesson content from the courses Dashboard so let’s go back out here All right and so from the courses Dashboard here if you notice that your Lessons don’t appear beneath your module You can click on the module name right Here to expand that module and you’ll be Able to see the individual lessons that Are in that module and from here you can Click on the edit icon right here this Little pencil icon is to edit content For individual lessons Okay so if we Click on that it’s going to take us to The editor for that lesson all right and Once you’re in the editor for a lesson You may notice that the Page looks a little bit gray it might Not actually have anything that you can Add to it if you actually click in here You’ll get a notification that the Lesson only lesson content can be edited On this page and to edit the surrounding Content you need to edit the lesson Template page All right if you do that you’ll see that It has an option up in the top right to Edit the template So we actually click on the edit Template button it will open the editor For your lesson template page

In your theme this is where you can edit The actual template for your lessons You can include things like the lesson Video You can include things like the lesson Title If you go to add element If you click on course and lessons You’ll see different course lesson Elements that you can add here as well Such as the audio that you assign to the Lesson in its settings as well as the Thumbnail image here You can add these to the template okay And another important element to have on Your lesson template page is the dynamic Content body element so to find that Element you need to go to Dynamic slots And click on content body Now if we check out the dynamic content Body element right here you’ll see it Just shows a dynamically replaced Little placeholder there And this is where the individual unique Lesson content is going to be placed When you’re editing the lesson content Everything else in here is part of the Template And it’s important to keep in mind that The elements that you add here for the Video The thumbnail image and the audio Are taken from the course lessons Elements otherwise the settings that you

Chose from the lesson settings Wouldn’t automatically populate the Image audio or video that you selected There you would have to just do it Manually if you chose one of the normal General image video or audio elements Those don’t automatically populate the Lesson settings Okay and so once you’ve edited this page Template the further your lesson Template page to your liking click on The save in the top right Now when you go back and try to edit a Specific lesson it will show you the Editor where you can edit the content Body so let’s do that now and again an Easy way to get to the editor for a Specific lesson is just clicking on the Edit content icon and here you’ll see This is again this is still the template Here the black and white area You can see that it pulled in the Thumbnail image here from the course Lesson thumbnail image element And down here is where we placed our Dynamic content body element so this is Where when we’re editing this specific Lesson this is the content that we add To this lesson so you can add a section Select how many columns And then you can start adding in the Elements that you want which is the Unique content for this lesson You can add different headlines

Paragraphs Anything you’d like specific to this Lesson here All right and once you’re done editing This lesson content just save it in the Top right corner here by clicking the Save button And that will save the lesson content For this lesson All right and that’s it for this video I Hope it has helped provide information On how to add lessons as well as edit The lesson template and the lesson Individual lesson content be sure to Explore the template area by opening up The editor and playing around with the Available templates and make sure you Explore the lesson content element here For an individual lesson adding Different elements and comparing the Results Some key takeaways for this lesson that You can edit the lesson template which Is used for all of your lessons And you can add content to each of your Lessons by using the content body Element once you have the content body Element the content of each lesson will Be available to add and edit All right I hope this video has helped Be sure to check out the videos and Content in the next lessons for more Information Thanks for watching.

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