Overview of System Emails in ClickFunnels 2.0

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ClickFunnels education I hope you’re Having a great day today We’re going to be talking about system Emails in your ClickFunnels account Start off by going to the settings tab On the left hand side of your screen You can reach your system emails by Clicking the system emails tab in the New pop-up window that will appear when You’re on the settings dashboard Now you can see the various system Emails that you can set up in your ClickFunnels account As you can see they are divided into Affiliate course opt-in and Order You can see on the dashboard whether a System email is set at the default or Has been customized We’ll choose one of the default ones for Now A new affiliate welcome email will be Sent to an affiliate when they create Their account in your affiliate Center Let’s customize this email to see how It’s done You can customize the email body using This customize button This will open the editor as it would if You were opening a page in the in uh the Editor in other elsewhere in your ClickFunnels account

You can generate new content blocks by Dragging and dropping from the side Window Or change the content of this email By clicking on one of the text boxes and Altering the text When you’re done don’t forget to click Save and exit this will make sure that Your changes are saved and take you back To the affiliate email Now that you’ve uh customized the Content of the email you’ll notice the Status has gone from defaults to Customized But you can change other objectives as Well You can change the subject live and Email Your new affiliate count with brand name Or the from address changing it to any Email that is verified in your account That comes from a verified domain source This is so that these emails do not come From free email sources such as Gmail Yahoo or other similar free email Providers If you’ve made a change you don’t like You can click reset emails default to Change it back to the default settings You can once you’re done don’t forget to Click save or discard changes if you Don’t want to make the changes that You’ve set up Now let’s go back to system emails and

Take a quick overview of the type of System emails that are already set up in Your account You will by default have a couple of Affiliate system emails These five course notifications which Include an enrollment from a module Someone trying to uh When someone is trying to access uh Multiple modules This notification will be sent to them Module access notification when they Have been when Ace new module has been Added to their course Module unenrollment And course enrollment notification Currently we don’t have any default Emails set up for opt-ins but those will Come down the line Finally order confirmation and granted Asset notifications can be sent out to Customers when access is being granted Or when an order has been completed These are the default system emails you Can customize them and don’t forget to Check back for when new system emails Are available That’s all we have for right now but if You have any questions about this please Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Excellent tech support team for more Information or if you have any questions Also don’t forget to check out other Academy documents or videos

For more information about this and Other systems in your ClickFunnels Account I hope you found this helpful have a Great day.

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