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ClickFunnels Education team I Hope you’re having a great day today In today’s video we’re going to discuss How to set up the shipping settings in Your clickfunnels 2.0 account Start out with go to the settings tab on The left hand side of your screen Once you’re in the settings area click On shipping a new tab in the pop-up Window it will open when you reach the Screen Now that you’re in the shipping Dashboard you can set up either your General shipping rates or create a Shipping profile for specific products Let’s start out by managing the rates in The general shipping rates When managing the rates on your general Shipping rates you can choose to apply This to specific products if you don’t Choose to apply to specific products Then it will apply to all products that Do not have another shipping rate Applied to it Your shipping from your default location Which will be set up in the locations Tab which we will cover in another video For now Let’s discuss talking about where you Want to ship to You may have in a pre-existing Everywhere setup

You can also create a shipping Zone The Zone name can be uh whatever you’d Like it to be but customers won’t see it This is for your reference only For this example I’m going to put in the Words education example You can then choose from the provinces And territories of Canada or the states Of the United States As well as the territories United States Finally you can choose the rest of the World Watch this space because other countries May be specified in future updates Choose those areas that you would like This shipping Zone to apply to This shipping Zone will have a specific Rate that will apply to all countries or States or provinces or territories that Are listed within it For now let’s click create Zone You’ll now see that there is a second Shipping Zone that has been created here You can edit it at any time For now we’ll delete this Zone as it Doesn’t make a lot of sense Once you’ve created a shipping Zone You can add a rate to it The rate name will be uh will be seen by Customers at checkout so choose Something that is descriptive and Explains why this shipping rate applies You can then set the price for shipping To those areas

It can be good to do research to see What your shipping provider will charge And then apply this as a price for the Line item on your customer’s receipt You can also add conditions Sometimes you can do things such as set A condition for Shipping rates applying only for total Amounts above or below a certain number A billing status an order type a test Mode a subscription status the payment Method including products or specific Products or variants Specifically tagged products The funnel that the an item was Purchased from a specific funnel step That it was purchased from Granted access to a course As well as when a product was created or Updated or when the next charge or trial Will be complete Then you can set a condition such as is Less than is less than or equal to is Between is not between is set is not set Or is or is not And finally you can set a value Let’s discard this for now That we viewed how to update a shipping Profile Let’s try creating one We can name the shipping profile Anything that we like in this case I’m Going to use education example again We can have it applied to specific

Products And we can create a filter much like the One that we created before to specify Which products will the shipping profile Will apply to by setting it up this way We can ensure that even new products Created will will have this shipping Profile applied Now we can manage rates in the same way That we did With our previous shipping profile We can have it applied to specific Products Create a filter And create a ship in it as shipping Zones within this profile This has been a very basic setup of how To create and manage A shipping configuration in your Clickfunnels 2.0 account If you have any other questions or Concerns please don’t hesitate to reach Out to our excellent tech support team We’ll be able to answer questions or Help you through any technical Difficulties that you may encounter You can also check out other Academy Videos or documents to learn more about Clickfiles 2.0 That’s all we have time for for right Now but please don’t hesitate to reach Out and have a great day.

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